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  1. I have been a member here for about 4 years but have not posted in awhile. My daughter has had acne since age 11 (she is now 16) and it will be two years in October that she was put on Accutane (age 14) because she broke out with very bad cystic acne that summer. With minimal effects (I had her on 7 different vitamins, minerals and herbs to support her system) she went off tane after 6 months. Her face was clear for about 6 months then she started having very small breakout mostly around the h
  2. Wow good for you. Hope everything goes well. Well for Emily not so good news. We went today for her 4 month on Accutane and it turns out her liver enzyme profile was elevated at 58. We had to see a different derm but she said if the liver profile doesnt go down next month we will have to reduce the dosage or discontinue the therapy. Emily is only on 40 mg, so this totally sucks. Other than the liver profile, she has not other side effects. I am just surprised at this low dosage that it wou
  3. My daughter just completed her 3rd month of Accutane and her bloodwork from last week showed a liver enzyme profile of 58. Prior to that it fell within the normal range, but I don't know what her number was the previous month? She is only taking 40 mg a day. She is about 125 lbs. The dosage has really helped--there are hardly any new break outs, but there are 2 cysts that are being stubborn and she gets injections at the derm's every month. Just need input from those tane users who have had e
  4. You are right Ryan about the ups and downs of this Accutane trip. November 1 the derm increased Emily's dosage to 40 mg; she finished up her 20 mg pack and is on day 9 of 40 mg. The acne seems at a standstill right now. She has these skin-colored cysts which aren't changing at all. One opened the other night but reinflated the next day!!! The only significant change is an increase in red marks. At first I thought maybe they had always been there under the acne, but I realized after reading
  5. Good luck to your daughter. Hopefully your daughter doesn't suffer the same fate that I did. My acne is clear, but at what price? These are the side effects that I found, (even though the doctors didn't mention 98% of them) Accutane Cardiovascular Side Effects: Tachycardia, Stroke, Vascular Thrombotic Disease Accutane may create blood clots that obstruct blood flow and may lead to heart attacks. Water retention Fatigue Swollen lymph nodes Weight loss Bleeding gums Nausea
  6. Congrats Bob!!! It is great to see such a sense of humor at your age. My daughter is 14 and is on day 15 of Tane. Your before and after pictures offer tons of encouragement as she begins her journey. I wish you luck with school and your business.
  7. Good luck Ryan!! My 14-year-old daughter is on day 15 of her tane and has some minor dryness on her face. She has severe cystic acne to begin with so I am not sure if there has been an IB or not. I can say that when a cyst comes out it whiteheads and then deflates very quickly. You are on the right track. Just be conscious of the sensitivity of the skin on Tane. My daughter's cysts started bleeding from going on a couple rollercoasters last Sunday. Wind, sun, everything effects the skin, no ma
  8. DAY 15 So far nothing major. Some of the acne has subsided, as well as the redness. Cysts go away but then new ones pop up. Last Sunday Emily went to a Fright Fest at an amusement park, went on roller coasters, and her cysts started to bleed. So now we know--wind, force, etc. can effect the face while you are Tane. Fortunately we are going into the winter and she is outdoors a lot less. But then the air will be dry and she will probably have to use a humidifier in her room. Hopefully she wi
  9. Wow her story is identical to my daughter's. We decided to forego the BC for now because there are going to be enough side effects to monitor, plus if you are taking BC with tane you cant tell how much the bc is helping. Anyway, Em takes the tane right after eating dinner, then her supplements later in the evening. I haver her on vitamin E, magnesium/calcium, gluco/chondroitin and flax seed oil. She puts on the prescription lip ointment in the morning and before going to bed, and I just boug
  10. Last Saturday I took Emily for her bloodwork and we went to the derm today--and voila--script in hand. She had the second pregnancy test in the office. When I came home we went on I Pledge and got released to get the script filled. We also have a script for some special lip balm. Our regular pharmacist isnt on the I Pledge list but our grocery store's pharmacy is. I will also stock up on everything you al recommended. If there is "heads up" info you can give us, let me know. Em is on the low
  11. Wow!!! I had to look that one up. Thanks for the additional info. I will keep you all updated as things happen.
  12. Wow thanks for all the info!! I actually sat down and read the requirements from the I Pledge book and felt foolish that I hadn't earlier this month. It doesnt matter because she still has to wait until the beginning of October for her 2nd preg test (when she is due again). We are going this week in the morning for the 1st test and hopefully they will send the results the next morning. Compared to your doctor, ours seems kinda disorganized. They never explained anything about when to do what. Ha
  13. Thank you missyjean!!! I was concerned there was a correlation between the two. Are you on meds for OCD? My daughter is not. But I will keep a close eye on her.
  14. I posted a thread about my daughter nearly 3 years ago because we were debating her going on Tane, which was suggested by her derm. My daughter started breaking out at 11 with mild blackheads, then moved up to acne vulgaris. She was 12 when the doctor made the Tane suggestion, and I done some research and decided she was too young and there were just too many side effects, the blood work, etc. Anyway she eventually got cystic acne (one or two) but after being put on Bactrim DS, it cleared up.
  15. I posted as a newbie for my daughter almost 3 years ago when her derm suggested tane. Since then it has been a roller coaster ride as we opted for milder form of medicine--the acne cleared up, came back, then the cystic acne started. She was put on Bactrim DS earlier this year, was almost clear in July, and had a major major break out in August--right before high school!!! Major major cysts. So when we went to get them lanced, we saw someone different at the practice and he insisted my daughter