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  1. My God, it scares me to see that everyone thinks the last resort is Accutane. It is so so bad for the body. Please please at least try a natural alternative. I swear by the company that makes the products in my sig. At least have a look. Also, have a look at my blogs. Lot of great info on there. Mostly about natural ways to take. You may be interested in this article. Natura Acne Treatment Hope that changes your mind.
  2. You know I swear by natural products. That photo to screen right is of me and I have stuck to natural. Never had a pimple since. The product in my sig below is what did it for me. They also have other acne products. In my opinion, the natural way is the only way. Good luck with it.
  3. That's great to hear. Good for you. I know how much of a confidence boost that can give you.
  4. You guys are so right. It isn't as effective as they say. I wrote an article on it if you want to have a squiz. Hope it can help anyone here. Read it at Laser Acne Treatment
  5. Hmmm...you might want to check out an nice article on cleansers. Hope it helps. Acne Skin Care Cleanser
  6. I never shave using a razor. It is so bad for the skin. I used to shave and get so many pimples and in-grown hairs because of it. Now I shave using a fine beard trimmer. My skin hasn't had a pimple since. Shaving with a razor opens up the pores too much and is too harsh on your skin. You've just inspired me to right another article for my blog. Thanks
  7. Right On Smiles1. Candida is subtle but most people suffer from it without knowing. If anyone is interested in my opinion about an natural acne alternative, check out a post i just finished on my blog. Let me know what you think, and tell me any spelling errors. You can check it here: Acne Herbs
  8. Ok, I hate to plug my own blog but I just finished a post about Acne Herbs as an alternative treatment. You can check it here: Acne Herbs Would love to know what you think.
  9. Whoa, you got balls posting such a controversy (no pun intended ) But it is a fact that this works. Now I wouldn't go putting just any old man's sperm on you face though. Healthy sperm contains a high concentration of Zinc which in turn nourishes the skin. Sounds pretty sick but may be cheaper and far more effective than anything you can buy.
  10. My Fiancee swears by Proactive. She was using Jurlique face wash along with also. Her skin is all clear now. Only took a few weeks and it was quite harsh. You've inspired me to write up a blog post now on Proactiv. Will let you know once I'm done. Maybe it was the Jurlique products and not the Proactiv. Go figure
  11. Hey I just finished a post on adult acne. Hope this can help anyone here. Cause of Adult Acne
  12. Hi HomelessMentality, Can I say you are definitely on the right path. The healthy way is always best. You may have up and down days because your body is trying to cleanse itself and a pimple here and there is ok. I've written a blog post about it at Natural Acne Treatment if you want to get some tips. Another one is called Acne Skin Care Alternative I hope I can help in anyway, ask me any questions if you need. My fiancee and I are models and we make it our business to have clear skin obviou
  13. I'm going to be blatantly honest here. Don't take Accutane. I have witnessed first hand what the drug can do. Some people are lucky and some can become quite ill. My fiancee took it for a few months and all it did was make here Acne worse. I have written a blog post about Accutane here Medication for Acne if you want to know more. I hope all goes well for you TennesseeGrl. Just watch anything that is taxing on your liver. My fiancee still has liver problems 2 years after taking it and we are
  14. Hey, I wouldn't be two worried. If your skin feels smooth with no bumps that is a very good sign. Are you using any kind of treatments? I know from my experience that once you reach that stage the real healing begins. The red dots will take a while depending on your current diet and the intake of water you drink. Hope that helps. You can check my signature if you need more info.