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    The most promising one yet

    The most promising one yet

    I have been using Acne.org cleanser for a year now, with that said, out of all the products I've used (i.e cleansers, toners, serum, etc.) this has given me the most promising results thus far. I noticed my skin had to go through a few phases before I could see the potential in this product: Phase 1: occurred during the first and second week and has stopped current pimples from becoming more inflamed Phase 2: occurred during the third-fifth week and has caused severe dryness around my
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    Hai guys, so basically, I've been using xout for a month now and I can honestly tell you that I was disappointed with the results. My first few week I saw little results, nothing major, that made me committed to the product into buying another one. I read the reviews, and thought okay I'll just give it more time, it is only my first week. What made me commit to this product was the fear of having a bad break out. I read reviews saying missing one day can make things much worse for your skin, an