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  1. It seems like you are judging yourself by the degree of "attractiveness" that the other woman may or may not posses. In reality it is not so much about her but about you. You need to find enough self worth in yourself and then maybe you won't be so focused on how "hot" of a woman you can get. I think if you attract an avg woman then you would think less of yourself...and if she happens to be a "perfect 10" then you feel that makes you (in someway) better. My suggestion, is to raise your own
  2. Yes, and stress can lead into having greater breakouts. I heard acupuncture (sp?) can be recommended for some acne patients. I was always a very stressed out kid...constantly worried about something. I won't say that was the only reason that I had severe breakouts but what I WILL say is that it was a definite contributing factor to my acne...
  3. You and I have wondered the same thing. Whenever, I go to derm I always say to myself, "what the heck are these people waiting here for?" Because they do not have acne or any visible skin problems (as far as the face). So, it's kinda funny to see someone who has thought the same things as me. As, for wearing makeup or not wearing makeup to go to derm? Well, I don't wear any makeup besides lipstick or gloss...if I am going to derm I will wear a gloss on my lips...I wear nothing on my skin...I
  4. One more thing. Along, with taking vitamins for my acne. I also do the vinegar/water treatment. Which I have to say really cleanses my skin. ItalHawk, I would have to agree with you. Actually, the fact that someone has stress can actually increase the acne problem. Because, as many know acne can be brought on by many things (stress being one of them). I understand what you mean. When I became suicidal in my teen years I was not only stressed by acne but also my grades. I was constan
  5. Well, I want to start out by saying that I think this is a great site. I like the fact that everyone can come on here and share everything from acne remedies/treatments to the emotional ups & downs of having acne. Well, the reason for my post is simple--I hope that through my words I can encourage some of you to try and be a stronger person. My acne started when I was about 10 years old (mainly because I started my menstruation at a very, very early age). As a result, I was the ONLY c