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  1. When i was on holiday on the regimen, i drowned my face in non comedogenic suncream and generally avoided the sun. You'll have more trouble finding the time to apply the regiment especially if you're sharing bathrooms.
  2. I went on a month holiday to the Maldives, my acne cleared up and i had near perfect skin, the day after i got back to the UK, big break outs and acne back to normal. Some people will say it's the sun but i don't think so, i really have no clue. Maybe it is psychological, being far more relaxed and happy might stop acne. Don't think it's the food or water, plenty of Europeans including myself have acne.
  3. I started drinking 5 big glasses of water a day and my skin is a lot less dry. Remember that moisturizer locks moisture in, you still need to get that moisture from somewhere.
  4. I've just started today so i hope not. I've read some things online that BP causes aging but it's difficult to tell if its not just scare tactics, a lot of the original sources seem to come from alternate acne treatmentsto BP. Looking at the people who have had success with the regiment none of them seem older than they are, some people said they look older but then you read on and they say they have been doing it for 5 or 10 years, of course they look older. I imagine the cleanser and moistuize