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  1. From what I know you have to take between 120 and 180 mgs / kg.
  2. From what I know you have to take between 120-150 mgs per kg so if in 6 months you reach that value you have to stop. I have 65 kgs and i take 20mgs/ day so my course will be a year or so, but i saw people on this forum who take 140 mgs / day so they should finish 7 times faster than me... For you, at 63 gk ( let's say 65) , if you continue to take 40mg/day, a 6 month course would be the minimum recommended course so in my opionion you should talk with him to give you 2 more months of accutane
  3. ah you'll be ok by then so you don't have to worry about that anymore
  4. Just as you,I had mild-moderate acne, more of mild from since I was 15 and 4 months ago, at 19 years I went to another dermatologyst, after seeing many others who gave me a lot of different medications (took 2 or 3 types) and a lot of cleanser.This one said accutane is the only solution unless I want to remain scarred for life. Now, you can only see a few scars which I think will heal in time. She gave me a small, 20 mg/day dose and now i'm good. Unlinke others, my acne did not pop out during th
  5. If you take so much, you'll get rid of them in 1 week maximum 2. When does school start?
  6. 8) Don't use topical acne medications while on Accutane. You'll fry your face That isn't because most medications already contain Vitamin A and you have to avoid it at all costs?