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  1. My approach was to do what much of the western world now does not do. Eat healthy, go to sleep early, drink less soft drinks and such, and avoid instances of stress where possible. It worked like a charm, now I get acne whenever I break these rules. But not like before, sometimes If i continously stay up late past 3 am, in a week or so I get some acne.
  2. It's all BS. The proper way to clear acne is with a good diet, water, vitamins, exercise (for reducing stress) and proper rest.
  3. Check your diet...sleep patterns, water consumption and stress levels. Rubbing proactive or other rubbish on your face is not going to remove the root cause of acne. Hormonal changes cause acne in teens, proactive is not going to any hormone reversing for you. Diet changes hormonal activity, sleep does, water flushes out toxins, stress causes hormonal levels to change. Those are what matters, proactiv is a scam.
  4. I have. I just started following a good diet, good sleep pattern, water + vitamins, and only washed my face 2 - 3 times a day with plain warm/hot water, and sometimes i used a moisturizer not related to acne. And my skin started clearing up. I discovered that if I eat unhealthy a lot and don't sleep much, my acne gets worse. (Tested) and trust me, it makes it worse. But my skin is much better off now and heals quicker, also a lot of my red marks have faded, and now the pimples i get aren't big
  5. Masturbation does increase hormone levels in the body of which some may help trigger oil production. It happens during the puberty years, sometimes on an off in adults. It won't affect you forever. Don't disregard it, it happens. It's upto you whether you wish to abstain from it or not. Some people don't believe masturbation causes acne, to an extent they are right, because it doesn't affect all people. And also masturbation isn't the cause of acne, it just "at times" exacerbates it.
  6. Your skin is pretty normal dude. Yea you got a tiny tiny bit of acne here and there, but it should clear up. LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE And it will all be good
  7. There are ways to pop it properly without leaving scar marks, but it should be done by ONLY experienced people and preferably not yourself but someone who can see your face properly and apply the right pressure, angle, etc... IN OTHER WORDS: DON't POP YOUR PIMPLES. You won't see the scars now, but it will turn up eventually...trust me.
  8. No that would actually add more gasoline onto the fire.
  9. Accutane + acne + (makeup?) Putting frikin' make up on acne is going to further aggravate the problem, why would u put more useless chemicals on your skin.
  10. Just insult them back, simple, no need to whinge about people not being nice, people aren't much nicer in the real world in general either, so give up with whining about people not being nice, HELL-LOoo, this is nothing new, why make a thread about this?