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  1. 1 year post accutane. Skins way clearer. I may have some little black heads on my for head but that may be because of the makeup I wear for my job. I'm a boy lol don't ask. And my skins normal, not oily, not dry. I kinda wanna go on accutane again for like 4 months. Cause I just feel like there's still some stuff that need to come out.
  2. hey guys, I've been on Accutane 40 mg for 18 days now. i just wanna log my experience and everything. i wont post everyday but prob every week or 2. so far i have experienced alot of blackheads coming out, alot. And my pores seem more large, and little little white heads on my forhead. I also see alot of my hyperpigmentation scars showing alot more. I guess this is my Inital breakout stage or something. So far, im happy with my side effects as they havent been so bad. No excess
  3. i recently just came back from the dermatologist who just prescribed me retin-a micro 0.04 for my blacheads and comodones. i am a darker skinned 19 year old male. morning. spectro jel blemish prone skin cleanser benzaclin gel spectro jel moisturizer blemish prone skin neutrogena sun screen spf 30 and if i need makeup i use mac studio fix. night. spectro jel cleanser 0.04 micro retin a spectro moisutizer. i also have chest acne so i use tactuo morning and night on my
  4. what about deep blackheads or bumps under the sin you cant see...is that from eating poorly?
  5. dude dont pop your pimples especially if they look like a cyst
  6. thats either your skin purging or initial breakouts from under the skin coming to the surface because irritation is usually dryness, oilyness, flakyness and redness. Whats your morning and night routine?
  7. can you suggest any cleansers???? and what about syliac acid...do these things you just listed help blackheads? For treatment Dan's BP is best. Ask the doc for a prescription of a retinoid. A cleanser, well i have used Jan Marini's Bioglycolic cleanser and Peter Thomas Roth's as well. Both are expensive brand name, over priced cleansers that did more irritating with very limited results compared to a drug store brand such as St. Ives. So, no there really isn't one i can suggest that really wor
  8. can you suggest any cleansers???? and what about syliac acid...do these things you just listed help blackheads?