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  1. I think your session expired but we'll talk more about the piggies later :)

    1. Yep, that's my name, don't wear it out! =P

      1. For mineral makeup Joppa, Aubrey Nicole, Meow Cosmetics, Alima, and Silk Naturals come to mind. They all have either very cheap or free sample kits that you can try. Everyday Minerals clogs up my pores for some reason.

        1. Just wanted to say, I think we need some pics of your ratties in your gallery! =)

          I've got 4 dumbo burmese boys of my own.

          1. Sorry, I needed the link for LH. Every time I clear my browser history it's gone.

            1. I'm gonna start using Aveeno Continuous Radiance Lotion to get a subtle tan and I want to use it on my face as well. At the moment, my regimen is: Once or twice daily; Wash with Osea Cleansing Milk, put Derma E scar gel on redmarks, put on Paula's Choice BHA 2% Gel, mix a small bit of emu oil with Jason Red Elements Moisturizing Day Creme. Now I have no clue where I would fit the sunless tanner in. I'm not going to start using it until the little scabs on my face go away and my redmarks are p
            2. *BUMP* Still working AMAZINGLY
            3. I just wanted to give a little rave for Meow Cosmetics. Their Flawless Feline foundation is amazing and the color range is HUGE. I ordered all 3 formulas in just one color and there was a definite shade difference since the other two formulas are increasingly sheerer in coverage. Even though the Flawless Feline offers the most coverage it isn't cakey at ALL. With EDM it always seemed powdery and not as blendable as I wanted. Plus the color was too light and I didn't enjoy the...pearly look. Meow
            4. My mom bought this stuff for her nose when she had some cancerous cells removed and it left a noticeable scar. I thought why not try and use it on any scars or red marks. I am impressed. Completely and totally impressed. I just use the smallest little bit on the tip of my finger and then rub it into whatever marks or scars until it's pretty much dry. After only a few days use, my red marks are already turning pink and any slightly bumpy scars seem a little less noticeable. It might be my new r
            5. Day 19 Okay so my skin was looking great but the bumps still weren't going away completely. So I bought a little facial sea sponge to use with my Osea cleanser. Lemme tell you, that little sponge works wonders. The bumps are going away and letting any blackheads and stuff come through. My skin is still moisturized, glowing and no peeling. I'm also using Canus Lil' Goat's Milk 40% Zinc Oxide diaper rash treatment on my red marks. Zinc helps heal super fast and since doing this my redmarks are fa
            6. Day 5: Sorry I haven't updated. Just went through a bad breakup so =/ Anyways. My skin is purging now. I can see all the junk that was in my nose and on my forehead coming out. Otherwise my skin looks really nice. Very even toned and clear. Well except for the spots where I picked at it Hopefully me being so stressed out and depressed won't cause any problems or any bad breakouts. I'll keep updating.
            7. Okay so day 2 on my new regimen. My clogged pores looks visibly smaller and my face overall looks nice and even toned. My skin feels moisturized and healthy for once. I figured out that when you're using the BHA gel, you need to use a really thin layer to avoid it pilling up after you apply moisturizer. I usually apply a really thin layer and then a second over any specific problem areas like my forehead and temples. Also, waiting at least 15 minutes for it to fully soak in makes a world of
            8. Okay I just had to say how much I already love the Osea and PC BHA. My skin looks amazing today. So glowy and clear and wonderful. I also received a sample of the Osea White Algae Mask and it left my skin looking and feeling even healthier. I'll have to get me some of this mask as well once I get my next check. Osea and Paula's Choice FTW!
            9. Alright so I received my Paula's Choice 2% BHA Gel and a sample of the Osea Cleansing Milk until I receive my full size (it'll be here tomorrow). The PC Gel goes on wonderfully for me. It takes a while to soak in but after it does my skin feels like velvet. Very smooth. The Osea cleanser is amazing. It goes on so nicely and feels so calming. It cleans great and doesn't leave my face dry or tight AT ALL. I'll update as the days go by.
            10. Okay so since I was suspended for the longest time I forgot about my log So the GMR just wasn't working for me. My skin just clogs too easily. I still have clogged pores all over and I keep getting more. I stopped using the Complex 15 a while ago and now I just use the Canus until I can get a new cleanser and my emu oil as my moisturizer. I found what I think is a very nice cleanser. It's extremely gentle and has a lot of beneficial ingredients. It's called Osea Cleansing Milk. My new regimen
            11. After using Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, Alpha Hydrox Souffle, ACV, and emu oil as a moisturizer for months with clear but not healthy looking skin, I decided to switch to something else. I stumbled across the Goat's Milk Regimen and thought I'd give it a try. I started off using ZUM Lavender and grapeseed/emu oil as a moisturizer but the ZUM broke me out and severely dried out my very sensitive skin. I switched to ZUM Almond but it only helped a little. I decided to spend even more money on the ZU
            12. I really should make a log but I don't wanna So here's my update on Day 2 of the regimen with Canus Unscented and Complex 15 Cream: My skin LOVES me! Any existing pimples are already receding and those that were painful are no longer. My skin looks so good too. It already is looking much more even and actually glowy. I've never had glowy skin without makeup. It feels extremely smooth and very hydrated. I can't tell you guys how happy I am that I decided not to give up and order the Canus and
            13. Okay, so I made an album in the gallery showing my progress on the GMR. Have a look if you like