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  1. Hey guys, So quite a while ago (~2 weeks) I had a deep, painful inflammation inside my right cheek (which is usually very clear). These come once in a while in different places, but my skin otherwise thankfully doesn't get whiteheads or blackheads. As it's making its surface, it's feeling (in terms of pain and size) better and better while looking a bit worse and worse (in terms of surface texture and redness). I usually put BP spot treatment on blemishes but since it was so deep, I've opted o
  2. Hey yall, So about 7 days ago I felt this big guy coming on. 5 days ago it became a raised bump, but I just thought it was a papule and just applied BP/moisturizer nightly hoping it goes away in a span of about a week like any other pimple. 2 days ago I began to realize how weird it was that the bump was STILL tender and didn't reduce in size at all (I had another papule elsewhere that came up around the same time and it's healed almost completely by this point). The BP was exfoliating the t