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  1. A good amount of my very shallow scars are all but gone at this point, I can look at my jawline/around the mouth area in the light and notice only a few contours. It was never god awful horrible, but it was definetly worse five months ago when I started the treatments. I paid around $1200 for 5 treatments, and while it's really done nothing for my active acne, I think it was worth it just for the minor improvement I got with my rolling scars. I'm told that it will continue to improve over the
  2. Smoothbeam helped with the rolling scars around my lower jaw/sides of mouth. I had my last treatment, five total, about a month ago though...dunno if it'll be permanent.
  3. My best friend killed himself a little over three years ago. He had perfect skin. I miss him every day. It destroyed his sister and his parents. One of our other good friends got married a little over a year ago. It was strange, because it was such a happy day but Wayne not being there made it incomplete. I now realize that when I get married, or have a kid, or do anything truly special it'll be bitter sweet, because something will always be missing. If you think dealing with your acne sc
  4. Using harsh topicals and sleeping on your face can lead to scarring. Your skin gets creased, skin cracks, and shallow scars show up.
  5. Using warm water can make your face swell, which can make shaving irritating...might want to try skipping that and seeing what happens.
  6. He injected coritsone into the cyst to kill it. If he uses too much, if he injects it improperly, if your skin doens't like cortisone, or if you're just unlucky there's a chance that you'll get an indented scar from the shot. Be wary.
  7. I nevet got cystic acne until I started using bp, if you just started getting them after beginning the regimen you might want to take a break. B5 cured my cystic acne, took about a month of 10 grams a day to do so. Cysts are evil.
  8. No, Jerry Garcia had real bad acne scarring.
  9. A and E help your skin, c helps with wound healing, zinc acts as an antibiotic (acne is bacteria), large amounts of b5 supposedly slow oil production.....Doubtful any of them will completely clear your acne, but they can certainly help...and taking any of them in moderation can't hurt.
  10. Over at http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/article6.htm#inglist they list ingredients that are comedogenic and irritating to the skin. They list them in a grading scale from 0 for non-comedogenic/irritating to 5 for very comedogenic/irritating. One of the items they have listed is stearic acid, which was given a comedogenic rating of 2. Not horrible, but not great either. Stearic acid is in a TON of acne products on the market. Face washes, shaving creams, sunscreens, and even in the moisturi
  11. I've read that smoking saps your body of vitamin c. If you do decide to smoke, might want to take supplements. I'm a drinking smoker, just doesn't seem right to do the first without the latter. When I do smoke I try to do it outside or in some kind of an open space, as I find being in a room with smoke irritating. I've also found that if I shave right before I go out my skin is more sensitive to smoke, so I usually shave the night before.
  12. I just skimmed back through about ten pages looking for the post, but I couldn't find it. But awhile ago there was some talk about a new book out where the author talked about food and acne. One of the things he had listed in the bad section was carrots, which I had always thought were a safe food to eat. Anyone know why?