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  1. Update: I used the full 1tsp twice a day and after two applications my face is a desert. I totally underestimated the power of the 2.5% BP. I've used up to 10% in the past and never seen this kind of strength. My pores are clearing already, but my skin is very flaky and I have two small patches of irritation on my right cheek. I'm going to cut back to the standard directions starting with a pea sized amount once per day.
  2. I just received my order of the regimen products today! I've been using a small amount of Clindoxyl (5% BP) on my problem areas twice a day for about two weeks, and for many years as a spot treatment. I have some irritation and flakiness/dryness and I've had to skip treatments here and there, but my skin has sort of adapted. I'm wondering how I should start my treatment with 2.5% BP. Should I just follow the standard directions? Or is it safe to begin using a larger amount twice a day? I'm c
  3. I've been using Clindoxyl (1% clindamycin + 5% BP) for about 6 years as a spot treatment, but after discovering acne.org I've been using it consistently in problem areas for about 2 weeks while I wait for Dan's products to arrive. I've always found the clindoxyl to be effective at treating active pimples by reducing inflammation, etc, when the clindamycin is still 'fresh' (it expires after 60 days), but as the product ages I'm mostly left with BP. I don't feel that the antibiotic on its own coul