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  1. hey try taking green tea extract pills 3 times a day. i have been doing that for a few months now and haven't gotten a single cyst since (but i also made some diet changes at the same time so that might've had some effect too) green is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, so it helps keeps inflammatino down. i still get mild acne... but no more cysts. *knocks on wood*
  2. wow this interview made me like amanda bynes now. she seems really honest and .. normal. ha ha. i never liked her before because i think she's a terrible actress =P
  3. They say, at first, opposites attract... then opposites attack.
  4. im getting lazy taking my supplemently religiously... but in general i take: -green tea extracts x 3 <------ i think this has really helped -buffered vitamin C x 2 -probiotics x 1 or 2 -digestive enzymes with every meal -zinc 30-50mg i have a jar of powdered MSM that i bought months back but it is probably the most disgusting thing the whole world, so i don't know what to do with that.... =P ps. i don't take fish oil because i found it made my skin SUPER oily and worsened my acne...? O
  5. Oh yeah, I forgot to list mine, sorry. Cod liver oil liquid 3 tsp (2.7 grams omega 3, and 4,000 mcg retinol) Zinc 100 mg (will drop to 50mg soon) MSM (3 grams) Saw Palmetto (2 morn, 2 eve) Chromium (1000 mcg) (will cut in half eventually) Calcium (60% DV)
  6. ive been using finacea for about 3 months now, and i have ordered my second tube. while its no miracle product for me, it did help my red/brown marks enough for me to want to re-order the product. i dont find that works very well in preventing new breakouts though, unlike BP, but it does help heal the zits faster and with less inflammatation. skin is smoother... every few weeks or so my skin will flake a little, which i just rub off in the shower. it doesnt itch/sting anymore when i apply it.
  7. yep. i recommend the 10mg tablets.. take on a full stomach (very important) or else u will get the worse headache/nausea ever... trust me
  8. im currently mixing a few drops into my Finacea gel that i apply morning and night, under my jojoba. on active zits i apply the oil directly.. and at night, also put a small glob of the honey. skin's doing allright.. a few zits but mainly just old/new red marks.. some faded.. some fresh. my skin heals really slow so scars have always been a bigger problem for me than the acne itself.
  9. i ordered some online too.. then a few days later i found it at a local honey shop near my house for half the price. grr! i bought it again anyways because i was desperate to try it asap
  10. my forehead has always been the most breakout prone.. im so used to it after all these years. try taking green tea extracts. they are super anti-inflammatories and i haven't gotten a bad cyst in a months now (still break out now and then, but treating with manuka honey helps keeps it until control).
  11. wow that is a kick-ass lifestyle. you could write an article for like, Fitness magazine. keep it up!
  12. ^ apparently its 33 times more effective than BP or TTO. been using manuka oil (and the honey still at night) for a few days now... skins looking better.. active zits dying down and no new ones. and no irritation or dryness at all.. like BP and TTO gives.
  13. actually kiera knightly does fight with acne too (keep in mind she's only what... 19?). i read in a magazine that she said she had terrible skin problems, but she has a good dermatologist. but it takes about 4-hours of makeup time to get her picture-perfect for the big on-screen