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  1. Would like to get an update on this? I'm in a similar situation.
  2. I see. Thanks for being so responsive first of all. What type of head and shoulders are you using? The classic (white bottle) or the special anti-dandruff (which comes in a blue bottle)? And do you not even use a cleanser or exfoliant?
  3. After reading up on this, it does seem to match the symptoms. Topical acne treatment (BP, salicylic, glycolic acid) stopped working a long time ago. My skin has been rather oily as well, which the yeast love I guess. Can you describe the type of skin you have as well? Is it dry or oily? And how big of an improvement did you see from this method? Thanks for the response!
  4. So I didn't have this type of acne before I traveled abroad. My skin broke out immediately once I was abroad. I noticed a lot of whiteheads on my forehead. A doctor I saw prescribed my clindamycin and nicotinamide gel, which helped clear the whiteheads but left me with bumpy and oily skin. My cheeks appear to have enlarged pores. My forehead and cheeks also look bumpy. And I get super oily 1-2 hr after cleansing my face. I use an Aveeno exofoliant (in the morning), Cetaphil cleanser (mor