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  1. I use my bp around 11:30-12 at night and go to sleep and wake up in the mourning at 6:25am and go straight to school(after eating, dress, etc) without washing face but right when i get home i wash around 2:30 i wash and repeat. Is this a bad routine? Should i change? thx in advance..
  2. I had the same problem, but i stopped looking in the mirror and that helped a bit
  3. Great...Im not allowed to bus tables at my job anymore because of my face. Im stuck inside washing dishes.
  4. It has gotten to the point where showering is not a time to look foward to, because when i gentely wash my cheeks, i end up oppening up a couple of pimple's sometimes and it hurts and stings. My left cheek is alot worse than anyplace on your face agent. Its not like its a pimple here and a pimple there, the big pimples are mostly together on cheeks.
  5. I have severe acne and im trying to get a appointment to see if i can take accutane. My face has been completeley been transformed over the pass month while on dan's regimen, and this topic made me cry... People i know have told me i looked sick because my face has changed so suddenely.
  6. when i put on moisturizer on my face 15 minutes after bp, my face BURNS for like an hour. any advice?
  7. I started the regimen right when i started breaking out bad. I now have severe acne on my cheeks and my jaw bones. Theres a good chance that i will go on accutane, but i cant get a dermatologist appointment till 2-3 weeks. Should i stop regimen now, or just continue on to see if it improves?
  8. Im using Cetaphil original. Its non-comegenic, so is this worth using or doesd it have to be oil free? And also, is swelling normal for starting out? Am i putting too much? thx in advance
  9. Are these just as good moisturizers as the ones suggested. I cant buy anyhing right now so i need a alternative for starting my regimen. Would it make my skin worst?