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  1. hey guys, what happened, no updates, please can anyone bring what was once an excellent thread back to life?
  2. hello poppy how are you doing, any updates?
  3. hello oran i will pm you my mobile number also was it ice pick scars you had?
  4. thanks for the info oran can you post photos of how the excision area looks? I and many other would be greatful
  5. hello oran did you take off sutures, how your skin looking now? Thanks Attwater
  6. hello oran thanks for letting me know, good luck, i hope you get the results you want. is this the website for your surgeon http://www.patrice-hilligot.com/cicatrices/photo_cicatrices_pop2.htm it look like this doctor is very skilled, does this surgeon know english, becuase i can only do treatment with someone who speak english good to make sure the surgeon doesnt do something bad to me lol
  7. i tried contacting many clinics and surgeries in the uk via email about excision but no responses and on the few that I did get a response they were pushing lasers. I am now thinking about getting a beard transplant done to cover the deep ice picks on my lower cheeks. I noticed that this is very expensive treatment but for me personally i think its worth it, it doesnt get rid of scarring ofcourse but id rather be looking at hair on my cheeks than scars anyday.
  8. Yes poppy I agree with blahblah, dermabrasion is extremely agressive for your type of scarring, none of your scars are deep and dermabrasion may damage your skin and cause new scars. I have read that excision does take a while to properly heal, and the redness does lessen over time but it takes a while, I also think that you should not needle any scars and continue allowing the excision to heal, If i was you I would wait a year before the second excision and any other invasive treatment, for
  9. looking good poppy, thanks for the update
  10. looooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  11. hey lenar hows your water fast going?