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  1. I went to Las Vegas earlier this year where humidity was 20 percent or less every day, and in the short time I spent there, my bacne went way down. I live in an area where it's 60 percent usually. Back home, all the cysts returned. Has anyone else moved to a desert to get rid of their bacne?
  2. I'm going to give it a shot. I'm thinking 2-3 times a week, before bed and after working out. Right now I just shower after working out, but I could use a bath and a shower. I'm sure it would help relax my muscles too, which remain stiff throughout my shower usually. Do you need to do it every day to see results? Once you have bacne under control, can you do it less often? ie, I can follow Dan's Regime for my face less strictly now that my facial acne is completely under control. Will the
  3. Does panoxyl bleach your clothes even after you rinse it off? I've been using the bar only when I shower at night, because I don't care if my PJs get bleached. So far they haven't, but those shirts I wear don't bleach even with BP gel on my back. I'm just afraid to use panoxyl in the morning then find my clothes ruined since those clothes can't handle BP either.
  4. Have any of you tried any of the 3 Clearasil products with sea salt in them? I'm trying to get rid of my cystic bacne by this summer. Last summer I didn't have much at all because I regularly lied out, shirt off, in the sun all summer long. It worked but as time passed since summer, it's gone back to normal. ZNP bar seems to help with the folliculitis but there's always anywhere from 2-4 cysts on my back. I'm thinking of the sea salt baths, but I'm wondering if these new Clearasil things ar