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  1. well went to the derm lastnight.. he is taking me off tan , and wants me to come and see him in 3 months... lets hope it does not go down hill from here...
  2. sorry just trying to get a look at the screen on the diggy cam befor I take the pic , not trying to be a tuff guy...
  3. From the album: her go'sssss round 2

    My better side hope my left side get this good ...
  4. From the album: her go'sssss round 2

    well the big one on my left eyebrow final started to come to a head, man does it kill , it is real deep to, there is on on my cheek that has been there for 2 months, I go see the dem on thur so lets see if he can zap them, hope to go just one more month.... I have not posted in a wile due to my computer being down... I will try to keep up on the pics now that it is up and running..
  5. its hard to get the right lighting in my pics, do not get me worng it is not as bad as it used to be, the big ones I get now are less the 1/2 the size of what they used to be , but I started to get a few big ones around my hair and on my neck in the back, and my derm said its cool to do a quick 2nd round to try to get the best out of the meds... I will try to get some kind of lighting that will work... do not not get me wrong , what I am dealing with is less then 1/2 of what I had when I did m
  6. From the album: her go'sssss round 2

    so here goes round 2 , doc says that I will only do about 3 months of 80 and that it should do the trick .. he was cool about it , I belive because I realy did not get any side effects from round 1 .. (just some dry lips).. so he is ok with putting me on round 2.. I will post pics up about every month... p.s it is realy hard to get lighting that can show the buggers that are poping up , in some of my pics it does not look bad.. but there is enough to get to me ... all in all tan has helped me s
  7. From the album: her go'sssss round 2

    here is a pic 6 months into tan, and my face was doing so good.. after the 7th month that I stoped tan , I started to get some bad spots ... do not get me wrong not even 1/2 as bad at it used to be, but It still gets to me .....
  8. From the album: her go'sssss round 2

    when it started to get bad I just stop haveing people take my pic, so I do not have any pics of my first round...
  9. what kind of high fat meals can help with tan? I think that is where I went wrong .. I do not eat a high fat diet... do you have to get cheeseburgers and pasta every night ? "Isotretinoin, when administered orally, is best absorbed when taken after a high fat meal, as it has a high level of lipophilicity.In a crossover study, it was found that the peak plasma concentration more than doubled when taken after a high fat meal versus a fasted condition"
  10. I may have to switch doc's wile I am on my 2nd round of tan... how does that work with ipledge.. do they have to swicth you in the system.. has anyone had trouble doing this ?
  11. I starting to get it again and I have only been off tan for 2 months
  12. na , just seeing if anyone has gone right back on Accutane after only being off it for 2 months, it seam that the big break outs are starting again...
  13. has anyone gone right back on tan, after only being off it for 2 months?, will the doc let that happen?
  14. my grilfriend has been the best, she knows all about tan, she has stood buy me with the hole IB thing , I do not think I could have done it with out her... the only thing she does not like is how much weight I have lost... we will see I maybe doing another round....
  15. I have been off tan for about 2 months, and I breaking out again not as bad as it was. But I still do not like it, do you think if I go back to the derm at then end of the month , maybe he will let me go back on tan for a little long?..... how long did any of you wait to go back on tan?