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  1. what kind of high fat meals can help with tan? I think that is where I went wrong .. I do not eat a high fat diet... do you have to get cheeseburgers and pasta every night ? "Isotretinoin, when administered orally, is best absorbed when taken after a high fat meal, as it has a high level of lipophilicity.In a crossover study, it was found that the peak plasma concentration more than doubled when taken after a high fat meal versus a fasted condition"
  2. I may have to switch doc's wile I am on my 2nd round of tan... how does that work with ipledge.. do they have to swicth you in the system.. has anyone had trouble doing this ?
  3. I starting to get it again and I have only been off tan for 2 months
  4. na , just seeing if anyone has gone right back on Accutane after only being off it for 2 months, it seam that the big break outs are starting again...
  5. has anyone gone right back on tan, after only being off it for 2 months?, will the doc let that happen?
  6. my grilfriend has been the best, she knows all about tan, she has stood buy me with the hole IB thing , I do not think I could have done it with out her... the only thing she does not like is how much weight I have lost... we will see I maybe doing another round....
  7. I have been off tan for about 2 months, and I breaking out again not as bad as it was. But I still do not like it, do you think if I go back to the derm at then end of the month , maybe he will let me go back on tan for a little long?..... how long did any of you wait to go back on tan?
  8. well I am on my last few days of tan and i am freeaakingggg out, this stuff has changed my life.... I still get a few small bumps now only like 2 or 3... hope I do not go back to how I used to be... for all of you who went off tan what happened? I wish I could be on tan for my hole life... I am a tan addict
  9. I have been on tan for just about 7 months, I still get little break outs, just a few small spots, and the other day I got my first big one in a long time( not as big as they used to be) but still big , when measured to the little spots I have been getting..... My question did anyone still go through this after 7 months... If the derm stops me at the end of the month.. will I start breaking out like I used to.... hhhhaaa I hope not..... Tan has been so good to me so far... I have my life back...
  10. this is what walgreens sales... I have been on tan for2 months, hows this stuff work out for the Big buggers... or if anyone has something diffrent that works