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  1. Just came from my Dr's yesterday for my 3 month follow up (bloodwork) for my Bactrim renewal and she had noticed darkening spots on my face (around my mouth), It is from sun/previous acne scars (of course the sun is making it worse) so she gave me a prescription for EpiQuin and it is a bleaching spot treatment to lighten up the dark spots. Just wondering if anybody has used it and their experience with it. Any info would be helpful....
  2. If you have been on Bactrim before, how long were you on it? And how long can you take it before you build up a resistance to it (if you even do). I have only been on it since Nov, and 100% clear for at least two months now. I now only take it every other day (so I build up a slower tolerance) don't know if that will work, just my own theory. I use purpose soap to wash my face and that works well!
  3. If you have stopped getting cysts now that you have started this again, they will not (should not) come back. The only acne I ever had was cystic and since starting this med. (day 1) no more cysts. Every once in a while I will get a tiny whithead, if I leave it alone and do not play with then it goes away overnight. A true miricle this drug is and I can't stress enough how well this works. Good luck to you and did you get any side effects, keep me posted.
  4. It seems as if I stopped getting new zits immediatly after starting the med, however did take a couple weeks for the old ones to go away and heal. Thanks for posting that you broke out after stopping it, I was wondering about that and how long it took until you would brake out... I did not have ins. for a majority of the time I was taking it and it is really cheap ($16.00 a month) and with my ins. my copay is $15.00, so no real savings there (I get the generic).
  5. I would like to say that it has been months since I have been on this board (used to read it daily) and so if I am repeating a topic that has already been discused then I am sorry. I really want to share a story with all of you and if only helps one person out there then this is worth every second I spend typing. I am 30 years old and for the last five+ years I have lived with horrible cystic acne (not bad enough for accutane however) but a complextion that was always broken out. I went to my
  6. I use Purpose and love it!!! I use it everyday (under my make-up) and it has never broken me out and everything brakes me out. Give it a try...
  7. Bactrim is a pill, not a cream or cleanser. It is a last resort before accutane and usually only prescribed if all other antibiotics have failed. Most Dr's do not like to perscribe it (unless you ask for it) because of the side effects (it is sulfer based) however most people do not get any side effects. It has been the only thing that has kept me fom getting cystic acne since day one of taking it.
  8. Cystic acne starts deep in the tissue and will become inflamed after a couple days of feeling it under the surface. It is hard and will not have a whitehead where you can pop it. Do not try to squeeze out the core because you will only push the bacteria deep in the surface and cause bleeding then it will scab over and the core is still underneath the skin causing it to become more inflamed. Do nothing to it (except on-the -spot). I always have to go get them injected because these lulu's hang on
  9. Have not used Cetaphil, I do you purpose and love it... Does not brake me out and leaves my make-up nice and smooth!
  10. I am in my 30's and the only kind of acne I have ever gotten is cystic acne (since my mid-twentys mind you) I have tried everything to keep it under control and nothing has worked. Recently I was put on Bactrim and I have not had one new cyst or any other pimple for that matter since day one of starting this miracle med. I have the old scars that are starting to fade since I am not braking out over them again and I still have a few marks from the needles the gauged into my face from too many cor
  11. I used Tetracycline for a few months and it did not do a bit of good. I still broke out like I did before I started. I will never use it again....
  12. Welcome to the forum! Sorry you have to be here, but this is a great place for information and support from people going through the same thing that can share their trial and error stories. If you do not want to try anything topical (I don't like topical meds. either, brakes me out more) then try facial cleansers. Comb through the over the counter section and read the success stories of what people have tried and love. Of course the same product may not work for different people, but this is all
  13. I have been getting cortisone shots for my cysts for the last 6 years and have had very few scars from the needle itself, I do have scars though from the huge cysts the were injected once the inflamation went away(go figure). But I agree with the above post, it's better then the alternative of it hanging on for weeks. I always feel so good about my active pimples after I leave the Dr.'s office knowing they will be shrinking up quickly.
  14. Why are you starving yourself on that diet? I must have missed something as to why you are on this! Diet has nothing to due with acne, maybe I am just over doing it here, but try a medication or cleanser (over the counter or prescription) before starving yourself.