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  1. I gotcha. So if I take my accutane dose in the morning then I'll take my supplemts at night, would that be fine? I may just cut out everything except D3 and let accutane do its thing.
  2. Hello all, Okay so this might be a dumb question but I'm on accutane (thank god, 80mg/day) but is it okay if I take these supplemts on accutane? -fish oil -vitamin D3 -zinc -psyllium husk The reason I ask is because I don't want to limit the potentiency of accutane. Thanks!
  3. I am taking fish oil pills by Kroger I believe. I have taken fish oil in the past (different brand) and never had problems. I have started drinking milk again but never thought it would cause this bad of an acne break out. Or can it? Accutane is going well so far. No side effects except for dry lips. I've read so many reviews on how people get all these side-effects, emotional changes, less energy, ect. If anything I am feeling better because my acne is getting better LOL. Accutane is a gr
  4.     When im in the sun or any where it is really hot and i start sweating i tend to break out a lot. I too weight train and something that has helped me is washing my face before going to the gym. Hope all goes well   I don't think weight lifting has gotten me acne. It never has & I've been working out for 4 years. If you saw my pic was acne was really inflamed so something out of the ordinary triggered it due to it appearing so rapidly.
  5. Here is how clear my face was just 5 months ago Edit: wont upload my pic!!
  6. I am 21. It really devastated me. Like I said, it got so bad I was about to order accutane. No joke. That's how bad it was. I wouldn't even go into public it was that bad.
  7. Hello all, So let me first begin by giving you a history of my acne. I have always had a few pimples here & there but nothing bad at all. In fact, acne wasn't even a thought at all, I had pretty much 90% clear skin. As of 3 months ago, no joke, all of the sudden I got severe fxckin acne. Like BAD. It was so bad I had to ice my face 3 times a day. It DESTROYED me. It was like a disease hit me. It wasn't just pimples either, it was deep CYSTIC nodular acne ~ so bad I could feel it
  8. Hey All, So I've been using the regiment religously for about 3-4 months now morning & night and following the directions as strictly as I can. My acne did somewhat clear up but has the results are minor and nothing too noticeable. I recently started using AHA & jojoba oil. My skin has a really hard time exfoliating & the AHA hasn't entirely helped exfoliate my skin. I used the jojoba oil once and it made my face really red so I washed it off and just put moisturizer on it. A