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  1. Try to eat healthy most of the time. That is your diet. Fad diets don't work as you will not stick with them, and if you deny yourself food you will most often end up binging on that same food you were trying to avoid.
  2. All these "yes it does, and here's why" reasons might make sense on paper, but having lived in a dorm for quite a few years and participated wayyyyy too many times with the binge drinking common among college students, I can contest that drinking alcohol has never caused my skin to worsen.
  3. It also causes you to go blind and develop hair on your palms. I would advise you to cease and desist immediately.
  4. Mine was clearasil, also. The spot treatment stuff. I remember this because I just took it and spread it all over my entire face throughout the course of one day until the bottle was gone.
  5. Everytime I quit smoking my acne seems to get worse, at least initially. Have no idea why. More sebum production, or something or another. Anyways, over the long run it -should- help to make your skin look better, although not necessarily clear up your acne. Quitting would remove the yellow tinge to your face, slow down the aging process (as smoking speeds it up), prevent (if you haven't gotten them already) the wrinkles around your mouth that form from puffing on that cigarette, and also aid (e
  6. Leg acne? I've never heard of this before... Are you a guy/girl? Do you shave your legs? Are you sure they aren't just razor bumps?
  7. I've mixed it with water before. Although I was just doing it to get the last bit of stuff out of the bottle, it worked quite well and didn't really have much affect on the makeup, at least no noticable affect. Not much water, though.
  8. Just re-apply your powder. Or use a tissue and wipe some of the oil off (although some of the make-up will come off with it, it doesn't remove it all). But, in any event, women all know they will have to re-apply their powder once in a while. Hence, why the bathroom is called the "powder room" and they go to "powder their noses" and they will never go to the bathroom without their purse in hand.
  9. Don't let anyone tell you breakfast isn't important or that it's bad for you. Eating an unhealthy breakfast may be bad for you, but so is eating an unhealthy lunch or an unhealthy dinner. If you don't get food into your body within an hour or so of waking, your body starts getting it's energy from other sources, and the main source is your bodies muscle. Secondly, if you skip breakfast your more likely to binge throughout the day, eating more than you should. Third, getting a fair amount of pr
  10. Tanning, whether through a tanner or naturally, will result in sun/age spots. So the question would be: Is it worth it to you, for the temporary reduction in the visibility of your red spots, when you will later just have brown spots to replace them? Not to mention pre-mature aging and the risk of developing melanoma.
  11. A lot of fats are actually good for you. They bind themselves to the good stuff and aid in digestion into your body. The problem with "whole" milk is the saturated fat (5g in comparison to 0g in skim; the daily allowance for saturated is like 19). So whole milk does more harm than good. Fat isn't bad, in and of itself. We all need to learn the differences between the different fats, because some fats are very important to your health.
  12. Potatoes are bad. Very unhealthy for a vegatable b/c of all the starch. Brown rice is the healthiest choice, overall, as previously stated. Less simple sugars, more vitamins, more filling. I like to have my brown rice with a tomato type sauce and a boneless/skinless chicken breast. To add something... It's been recently reported that whole wheat bread is no better than white bread (as it is just unbleached white bread, after all). The FDA is now recommending whole grain bread. It's kinda dry, b
  13. As with every medication, you should ask your dermatologist first. Very often, there are side-effects to taking any two medications at once, even a homeopathic/homeopathic combo or homeopathic/prescription combo. Better safe than sorry. If he doesn't know, ask your doctor. If all this fails, just be patient, finish out your accutane regime, and take the stuff later.
  14. It does, eventually. Like most things, it makes things worse before they get better, so if your oil production hasn't increased, then count yourself lucky. Just a little tip: Completely avoid the area around your lips and around your eyes. I wasn't doing that for a long time, and these areas would become so flaky throughout the day, especially after I ate something (with the muscle movement and all). It makes it much easier to handle. On a side note, it didn't help my acne at all either. Althou
  15. I have a friend who had really bad cysts, and it worked for him, for the most part. I haven't tried it, personally.
  16. I'm not entirely sure of exactly how it works, but I will tell you, it -sort of- does work. I didn't buy any of the facial products, but I did the supplement for a long while. It cleared up my skin really well. However, after I weened myself off of it, I started getting cysts and blackheads on my forehead (and before this my forehead had been the only area of my face that had really been clear, no scars red marks or anything). Now, for the past 3 years or so, since I stopped the b5 regime, that
  17. Not only will it cause scarring, it will often give you more pimples and breakouts too, as when you are popping them, some of the bacteria under your skin can get spread around to different locations. Popping may make the pimple look better for a few hours, but it is sooooo not worth it. And they don't go away any quicker either. And all that touching of your face with your hands can cause more acne too! Leave your face alone.
  18. I use make up also. I have been using it for a few years. No one notices that I am wearing it at all, unless they know me, and then they can tell the difference in how much better my face looks with it on. I had a make-up consultation to do this. It was with merle norman. So, I am using a green concealer (it's like opposite on the color spectrum of red, so it covers up better, so they say), a liquid makeup foundation, and them a flawless finish powder to make sure my face doesn't get oily. So
  19. I don't know if this has been said already, but a lot of people seem to be attributing the benefits of the lemon to vitamin c, which although might be a half-truth, is not the truth in it's entirety. Lemon juice is a well known holistic detox agent, so outside of vitamin c, it aids in cleansing out the liver. This is what makes it different from, say, an orange or a vitamin c supplement.