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  1. I struggled with acne for years, my face, my back. A couple years a go I just gave up because nothing seemed to be working. I would rinse my face in the shower once a day for about 5-10 seconds, thats it. My face cleared up after about 2 weeks. Seriously. I continued to wash my back with various acne soaps/bar soaps/shampoos using all creams and stuff. I also still had acne on my back. For some reason I didn't make the connection to just stop washing my back too, actually I think I tried
  2. So if BP is bad for fungal folliculitis, would the ZNP bar be bad for bacterial folliculitis or standard acne? It seems that both the yeast and bacteria known for causing folliculitis are "opportunistic" pathogens, to use a term from bio101. Salicylic acid isn't doing anything for me, I think I'm going to go back to antibacterial soap and BP, and if it gets worse from that I guess I'll know that its fungal. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Well I haven't used that shampoo but... the reason I think I may have both is because a few months ago, around April, I came accross the Head and Shoulders "method" where one uses that as a bodywash. I used it for like a week but got initial breakouts so I just stopped using it as a body wash. However, I kept using it as a shampoo because I figured I bought it and might as well use it. I went back to using dial antibacterial soap, which I had been having some success with. Then for about a m
  4. So I'm pretty sure I have either bacterial or fungal folliculitis. Since I've read that some people have acne in addition to folliculitis, what would be the treatment for them? I'm thinking I may continue washing my back with salicylic acid, but add the ZNP bar into the mix. If then that didnt work could I add benzoyl peroxide cream applied after? Or is that just overkill?
  5. Hey, how exactly can you tell if you have folliculitis or just standard acne? I've been struggling with back acne for years. sometimes its real bad, sometimes it completely dissapears. It seems to do this regardless of what cleansers i'm using. I do recall though that when I used benzoyl peroxide on my back it would work really well when I used it consistantly, but if I missed even a day I would end up with another breakout. The picture you posted doesnt really look like what my bacne looks
  6. decided i have to give back to this site cause i did get alot of usefull info from here, but the way i got my skin clear was from basically trial and error over the years. here are a few things i found that helped my skin along the way untill i finally found what worked for me to my skin clear. This will probally work better for you if your skin type is more like mine, which is prone to dryness right after washing or using bp or whatever, but generally very oily the rest of the day, i never go
  7. hey buddy i havent posted in a really long time, but i was scanning over this site again and when i read your post i had to reply. i used to do the bp and apply all the products and stuff too, i basically did it all last year till i finally got sick and tired of having to put on bp cream and moisturizer and all that stuff, made me feel like an obsessive girl and even worse my skin really wasnt even all that clear. ide have good weeks and bad weeks but overall i felt like my skin looked like s
  8. can i just use aloe vera gel as a moisturizer? i dont like any of the moisturizers ive tried, they just irritate my face and make me look like a grease ball. thanks.
  9. try to be more subtle with your advertisements, dumbass
  10. Ive been searching to find the best treatment for my acne for years, ive found lots of decent methods, dan's regimen was decent but too harsh on my skin and even though the moisturizers would help balance it out i never got fully clear and my skin always seemed gunky from all the crap on it. boltcha never really worked for me even though the clean and clear blackhead stuff was a great cleanser to combine w/dans. but i swear this time i've got it right, for me. morning: all u need to do is run
  11. I've been at college for a week and recently stopped using any type of cleanser. I find that even though i have oily skin, just having water run over my face in the shower causes me to get dry. So what i've been doing is once my face starts to get a little oily later on in the day i use stridex salicylic acid pads. Do you think i can just use these instead of using a cleanser? Oh yea, i dont use moisturizer cause i dont care what u say, they all break me out.
  12. morning: use basis bar, no moisturizer, no bp night: use cc blackhead scrub, rinse off scrub, then basis bar, then bp, no moisturizer only use the cc blackhead scrub every other day important: keep the scrub and basis on your face only as long as it takes to apply, do not rub the product around on your face, it should take a max of 7 seconds to apply, then right away rinse off. Don't bother trying to rub off the clean and clear blackhead scrub, that stuff is like glue, you'll only push it furth
  13. i used carley's for a little bit last winter. They're products are pretty gentile so i would say dont use anything unless you really need it, but lots of people would disagree with me on this. I've always found that moisturizers just make my skin look more oily and break me out.
  14. i agree with your derm, just use a gentle cleanser and you shouldnt need one anyway. i'm also pretty oily and completly disagree with whoever thinks oil production is slowed by using moisturizer. if anything all that crap just keeps the oil from getting out of your pores, and u dont want that do u?
  15. nowadays on tv and movies anyone who has acne to begn with has it covered up, the only trace of acne i ever see on tv is on the realworld. But i was just watching a movie of hendrix playing and he definetly had mild acne. Its funny cause his acne is actually a lot like mine, he has a few active pimples and then in the same area his skin is speckeled with traces of old acne. i idleize hendrix so now im happy. i was actually considering dressing up as hendrix for the next halloween, i was real