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  1. You should definitely use the AHA that acne.org offers in the regimen. It makes your skin cells produce faster so your scars will start to fade, at least that's what it's doing for me.
  2. Milk of magnesia is extremely bad for your skin !!! It lowers your ph levels and makes your skin really weak ! Sure it works but you could have a MUCH MUCH MUCH higher chance of skin cancer !! I strongly advise you not to use it !
  3. I have the same situation! My skin looks red and oily after i apply the moisturizer which does take a while to absorb, but idk i guess you gotta wake up more early than usual, i think 30 minutes is enough time for the moisturizer to settle.
  4. For those who don't know what puss is it's that white stuff that forms after you pop a pimple or just forms randomly. I don't like having to pop them on my face because it's really nasty. My face is starting to clear up alot! But i still get puss! Does anyone have technics/advice how to prevent puss from forming?
  5. I hope you know the side effects. Accutane is linked to a series of serious side effects, including bowel diseases like Crohns disease, liver damage, depression, and miscarriage and birth defects if taken during pregnancy. In fact, women of childbearing age are required to enlist in a special pregnancy prevention program before beginning Accutane treatment. Because of these injuries, more than 7,000 lawsuits have been filed against Roche Pharmaceuticals.
  6. Okay I'm tired if hearing about this so called miracle pill, accutane, that supposedly gets rid of acne fast, and i see more negativity than success stories from it. Why are people turning to this kind of treatment for their acne? I see it as people being naive and wanting everything to go perfect when at the end it doesn't. If you're on this website aren't you supposed to be using the regimen? Please explain this to me.
  7. Y'all are so lazy when it comes to people taking accutane or stuff like that. If you're on this website i assume you're using the regimen but you aren't.
  8. I understand what you're going through is hard. For us that have/had acne the first thing that comes to our mind is "better go check myself in the mirror". It's always a struggle.
  9. I know exactly how you feel. Acne makes us be viewed differently. It's like we're stamped that says "undatable". It really gets to me at times.
  10. But that's the thing. I am a confident person. I'm funny and always have a smile on my face. What i experience is LOOKS do matter. No one wants to have children with a monster let's be honest.
  11. I'm a fun person. I have a nice personality. I have a nice stable popularity. I just dislike it when it comes to feeling comfortable around girls. I feel like my acne is a major turn off when it comes to dating a girl. I just feel so insecure. I never get called out for my acne. But i know it's there. The way the world is theses days, looks over power personality. I'm currently using the regimen. If my acne go's away a whole new door will appear. I just wunna look in the mirror and see a handsom