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  1. Hope it works with you! But I didn't find a good product which 100% cleanses white heads and pimples in general.
  2. It seems like you have very dry zones.. I personally had some dry zones but I applied an oily cream for several times and Yeah! It worked well. It doesn't matter what kind of moisturizers you need but it should contain oils. And also you should not apply oils on the oily zones on your face.
  3. Hi, this is my first post here and hope I'm gonna help you or at least bring something helpful.. This kind of spots and pimples has different types and forms. There are some reasons such as genetic factors, tension and stress, microbes, skin cleaning and clothing for the emergence of these spots in the back, forehead and maybe in the chest area. Secondly, stuff that I wouldn't suggest: Cosmetics that contain chemicals. So these are some simple and effective tips and remedies to get rid of