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  1. Hey I recommend you get subcison done with dr Peter rullan in Chula Vista. A few people have had subcison done by him I believe you will get good results.
  2. You want to go for some quadrostar pro yellow treatment or the v beam perfecta to get rid of the redness.
  3. Who's your docter ? I am also from the uk
  4. Is it possible for you to post any pics since you had such a good improvement?.
  5. Hey meeso I am also from the U.K. I no it's hard trying to find someone good hear but get those pics whenever you can it will be easier to see what plan you should take from there.
  6. Hey firstly I think you have more ice pick than boxcar scars so the treatment of choice for you would be Tca cross you should be able to see a good improvement front this after multiple sessions.
  7. Good to see your still very much active on the site beautiful ambition not been on the site for a few months but you have given good advice to many.
  8. Hey I honestly wouldn't waste your time and money with tapan Patel. Only once you have successfully identified your type of scars can a suggestion be made on what to do and who to see. Post a picture if your unsure.
  9. wasim did have a video seems like he took it down but i remember watching one video and he said he was happy with the results
  10. hey college boy i always followed your story on here for a long time. Is there any updates you can give me man hows your skin doing know has there been any impovments in the scars. Thanks man for sharing your story

    1. esepablo


      yea, im also waiting to hear from you!

  11. wow guys come on lets not attack each other here my verdict on silicone is that it definitely does work and can deliver fantastic results for the right patient. I do believe its safe and is definitely a serious option to consider quite a few reputable ethical doters i know off perform this procedure there dr rauland near la and dr lam in dallas even wassimos doc if i had the correct scarring i would definately look into to doing this the key here is to get a really experienced doctor. il90 i se
  12. I agree with you man one of few doctors thats gives out good information and can get results i dont get why some dont seem to like him.
  13. Dude honestly your scars arent that bad your are good looking guy there are poeple here that have it alot worse. Your plan for treatment is correct.
  14. I know it isn't but the op originally mentioned she had all these other treatments which must have cost are a few thousand bucks. And if I remember I seen some good before and afters on this type of boxcar scaring.