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  1. I agree with Sky13, I like PC's BP. I'm using 2.5%, but she also does a 5%, which might be better for you, kambizan. I agree that 10% twice a day would be too drying, especially on the face. PC's BP doesn't leave any whiteness for me. I use it twice a day, and I don't wash it off. I just apply after washing my face morning and night (then I moisturize after BP).
  2. I agree, I tend to go for simple, gentle cleansers that are well formulated. I switched over to Paula's choice from Cetaphil earlier this year, and I'm glad I did. I use the Skin Recovery Cleanser, and I've just started using the pore normalizing cleanser from the CLEAR line too, which is antibacterial. I like both. Skin recovery is probably gentler and more moisturizing, but the CLEAR one is surprisingly non-drying as well (I have quite sensitive and dry skin).