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  1. I mostly get acne on my right cheek and i change my pillow case every week. Are there other factors to it
  2. please rate my acne from 1 being the mildest and 10 being the most severe - what can I do to get rid of my acne? I have oily, sensitive acne prone skin and ive heard reviews about dairy-free diet. Is it effective?
  3. I only see2 or 3 spots, if my skin is as clear as that id be in joy!
  4. I promise you i dont. i have 5 huge zits atm and all my hyperpigmentation are dark, my nose, and cheeks have noticeably large pores and blackheads and my face is really oily. I shouldve probably taken it with a better lighting but i do have real acne, believe and i just feel so down
  5. What's your diet consists of? Believe me its much worse in person huhu i really want to get rid of it so badly... everyone's teasing me about it. What makeup brand do you use? Some brands really give me bad breakouts so im dying to know!!! Hahahaha and whats your skincare routine?
  6. How bad is my acne really? Will i be ever get rid of it? I hate myself. I am repulsed just by looking at myself in the mirror. My acne got worse.. from a single pimple, i now have a lot of cheek and forehead hyperpigmentation, inflamed pimples and huge pores. I will never find someone.
  7. This is just based from my personal experience. I still get breakouts here and there But it has gotten much better! what works for me is to always stay hydrated. I know you've seen this pretty much everywhere, but please, try to drink water as much as you can. I have extremely oily skin too, and these nasty pimples love an oily environment! You can use oil control sheets to get rid of the excess oil especially during the day. its a good thing you use a mild cleanser, i use a mild baby cl
  8. Actually, im only using mild baby soap for now to wash my face and occasionally use an acne drying solution (which contains tea tree oil, salicylic acid, canadian willowherb, plantago lanccalota leaf and blah) and yeah it kinda works everytime i get pms acne, and since i cant get one again cause i got it from a skin clinic houuuurs away from here, im stuck. Diet wise, i'll try to change my diet cause i eat a lot of dairy. Thank you so much!
  9. I get a really annoying breakout a week before my "tom"... and it takes forever for the marks to fade. So now my period is coming soon again, and im just really frustated that there are little bumps on my cheeks. It feels like my pimples like to have sex and reproduce their own kind.... uggggh. Anyway, I dont get pimples on other areas except my cheeks, and i know this is just a mild case but i get hyperpigmentation so easily... Is there anything i can do to prevent the little devils from erru
  10. You know, my dermatologist told me that i'll always get pimples at my age, and we have nothing to do but prevent it - she said that one of the top reasons will always be our hormones (since we're teens) and, oilyness. . So apparently, we would always be getting pimples until we're in our 20s.. and that's when it will eliminate (something to do with smaller pores.. i forgot im so sorry) But this might work for you or it might not - one thing I learned is to never overused products. So I bas
  11. Nope, i dont mean foundation/powder make up that you put directly on your skin, but the other stuff like lipstick mascara etc. I tried fixing my brows and putting a bright lipstick? Do you think it works? Do you guys think they would lessen looking at my acne marks with a bright lipstick? Im getting mixed comments. Some thinks it makes my skin look clearer than usual. Others think i look like a clown (i have brown and red marks and my face turn red when im super oily) Any more suggestions?
  12. I just wanted to ask how bad my acne is. I also want to ask for advices what to do and what not to do in this kind of situation. (Eg; diet.. habits.. skin care routine..) Since I developed an allergic reaction the previous products that I have used. I asked a second opinion to another derma and this was now basically ny routine. (Tender care mild soap) - day ( + Hyalure soap free skin cleanser) - night (Clindamycin Phosphate 2%) - applied to affected areas (Acne spot corrector oil control
  13. I had quite the exact same thing. But at that time i was both using glycolic and bp - which are obviously very drying and has peeling factors. And my skin was itchy and has annoying red marks!! I went to a dermatologist and she gave me a soothing cream specifically made for red, irritated patches or scaly skin and prescribed me celestamine (tablet) to reduce the inflammation and the next day it was gone! So maybe you can try either or both if you have alternative products that could possibly be
  14. So i added a new product on my regimen. My usual regimen is dcl cleanser glycolic formula, bp (day) , adapalene (night), arbutin cream and a moisturizer. It was doing well on the first few weeks. But then pms hit me hard like a volcanic eruption. But that regimen did not solve my oilyness.. so basically my derm suggested a glycolic soap that should be used once a day. Although she warned me it has a stronger concentration formula blah blah, it would eliminate the oilyness. I kinda have sensitive
  15. The new one added btw is glycolic soap..