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  1. Do you get a lot of caffeine in your diet? my dermatologist told me to cut out the caffeine.
  2. YOu can use a honey mask. It is antibacterial so it will do your acne wonders.
  3. Use honey on the face. It works well for the skin and feels great too.
  4. I feel that skin changes over time and just because you were ok with a product you used a few years ago does not mean that it will be good to use now.
  5. Diet will help you if you do have this. Changing the diet to include more veggies and less sugars will greatly help you improve.
  6. You could check to see if microdermabrasion would work for you.
  7. I would say that 20 years is off the mark. I would say within 10 maybe.
  8. I am not sure what brand would be a good one but I do know that antioxidants are wonderful for the face.
  9. Try honey on the face. It is an excellent antibacterial wash. I have used it and it works great!
  10. I try not to base how I feel about someone based on their looks. I do not care if they have acne scars or not as long as we are compatible.
  11. This sounds interesting. I have some sea salt and honey and I am going to try the mixture tonight! I hope that it works for me.
  12. Where do you find invisible zinc at? I would love to be able to try this out.
  13. I have struggled with acne all my life. I wish that I could just find a magic solution but it is a part of my everyday life. Everything makes me break out.
  14. Coconut oil makes me break out. I can not use it even though it is so good for my face.