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    I give this bcp a 3 star rating because before taking this pill, I had brutal period cramps and irregular cycle. Now i have a regular cycle and very minimal cramps. Now speaking skin wise. I am now on my fifth month. My first month, my skin was the same: moderate acne, clogged pores, a zit here and there nothing severe. At the end of the second pack and beginning of thethird, bad things started happening. My skin would leave horrible red marks when zits would leave. I still to this day 2-3 mon
  2. I have said this in many of my other posts on this website but I will say it again for those of you who have not read my other posts. Almost 4 months ago I started a new birth control called ortho try cyclin. I went on it strictly for bad Cramps and acne. Before the birth control my acne was mild to moderate. Now almost finishing my fourth month I have the worst skin I have ever had and I need your help. I am left with the worst red marks from pimples that have left my skin almost 2 to 3 month
  3. Thanks for the response It's funny because I actually JUST started using aloe Vera gel like a day or 2 ago so I Hope to see results. I started getting the red marks in the 2nd/3rd month and now they are still here in the 4th month
  4. I am in the first week of my fourth month on Ortho Tri cyclen bcp. My skin has never done this before: I now am covered in post acne red marks. Where once a pimple was I am now left with red marks almost 3 months later. WHY I am struggling a lot I am not sure what to do anymore
  5. Oliviaaa20

    Ortho Tri Cyclen Journey

    Okay I know no one is replying to this but hopefully it wil be helpful to someone who stumbles across it. That's why I'm continuing Okay so I'm on the last week of the 3rd month. My skin has post inflammatory hyperpigmetation all over my forehead. Tons and tons of red marks from past zits that WILL NOT GO AWAY! I have never had this issue in my life which is why I believe it's because of OTC. I went to the doctor who prescribed the OTC and she said I can either start Diane 35 or continue with
  6. Oliviaaa20

    Ortho Tri Cyclen Journey

    Starting my 3rd month today
  7. Hi there I've been on OTC for 2 months now and my skin broke out horribly about a week ago and is at it's worst now. Anyways keep us posted on your journey
  8. Oliviaaa20

    Starting Ortho Tri Cyclen, Need Advice, Please & Thankyou.

    Hi there Can you please give an update on your time on OTC? I'm on my second month with a horrible breakout
  9. Oliviaaa20

    Ortho Tri Cyclen...help!

    Hi there I was wondering if you could give me an update as I see this post was from 2013. I'm on my last week of the 2nd month on OTC and my acne is the worst I've ever had it and I am unsure whether to stick it out for the 3rd month or give up
  10. I have been popping my zits for as long as I can remember (I know I know, horrible habit) and this has never ever been an issue before about 2 months ago. Which is conviently when I started the birth control pill Ortho Tri Cyclen so maybe that had something to do with it??? Anyhow I popped some zits about a month and 3 weeks ago and it left red marks all over my mouth. I've attached a photo. What can I do to get rid of these? How long will they take to fade? Does sun make them worse?
  11. Oliviaaa20

    Ortho Tri Cyclen Journey

    Finished my second month as I have the WORST acne I've ever had
  12. I was prescribed OTC for my mild to moderate acne and severe period cramps as well as irregular period cycles. My acne before i started the pill was concentrated in the TZone area as well as a bit of bumps on my chin. I had tons if black and white heads and zits here and there. I just finished my second month of OTC. I saw no change or anything in the first month. However, while on the sugar pills of my second pack, i started to break out severely. I currently have the worst skin I have had i
  13. My acne is at it's worst I spent the evening crying in the bathroom and need help and advice. I'm on my second month of ortho tri cyclen. My forehead is covered and I mean COVERED in red marks, bumps and pores. It's horrible. And before about 2 months ago if I popped a zit it would just go away but now I have marks from when I popped zits months ago.... My nose is filled with huge open pores and blackheads. My upper lip has tons of acne marks from popping zits and my chin has small bumps.
  14. Oliviaaa20

    Ortho Tri Cyclen Journey

    I finished my first month and my acne is meh... It flared up big time and it died down now to what it was when I started Period cramps have slowed down a lot
  15. Okay so my acne like zits wise isn't a huge issue, pretty minor. But my black an white heads and my open pores are INSANE. On my nose, I have hundreds and hundreds of clogged pores (black heads) and if they're not clogged they are WIDE open. It looks absolutely disgusting. Beside my nose, under my eyes and beside my cheeks are hundreds of open pores as well. It's very disgusting as well. My forehead has tons of white heads and pores that are clogged but they don't look like black heads. Like