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  1. I didn't notice any difference in work performance. In fact my performance probably got a bit better when I was able to stop obssessing about my acne ...
  2. Unfortunately the only person that can judge whether Accutane is right for you is you (and maybe your doctor). Everybody has a different experience on it. For some people, that experience is positive and will deal with your acne once and for all. Others have a bad time on it. However, you wont know if you fall into one camp or another until you try it for yourself. Good luck.
  3. Accutane worked great for my severe acne and I finished my course November 2006. I also haven't aged badly. A couple of days ago someone asked me if I was university (college for the American's amongst you). I finished uni in 1993!
  4. I'm just glad I got to take it when I did. I can't imagine having had to battle severe acne for the two years since I have been clear on Accutane. I do feel bad for those people who say that they had a bad experience with it. But for me it was absolutely a life saver.
  5. Can understand you're upset, but just wanted to say that 5 11.5 is actually not a bad height for a guy. I think its actually above average ...
  6. No need to feel like a loser. What I learned whilst trying to follow an acne diet is that we don't simply eat for nutrition - all over the world food is also about socialising with friends and family, comfort and enjoyment. I know some people here claim that they are able to follow an acne diet for nutrition without sacrificing on those other two elements, but that wasn't my personal experience. How could I enjoy a meal cooked by my mother, friend whoever if I was worried about the gluton, di
  7. Also, what do they mean by cured? I have had around 2 years of relatively clear skin. If my acne comes back next year, then my accutane course would not have 'cured' me. But I would still have had 2 clear years ...
  8. I have historically read in a few sources that rose hip oil, whilst good for scars and anti-aging, is not good for people with active acne as it is comedogenic. I can't put my hand on the sources now, but thought I would mention it to you.
  9. When you say you have tried almost everything, I assume you mean over the counter products. Not sure where you are based, but in the UK a doctor is unlikely to put you straight on Accutane. Typically they give you all sorts of other things first including antibiotics (topical and systemic) and, if you are a woman (i assume not ?) birth control pills. Some of this stuff may work for you, although the problem tends to be that once you stop taking it, your acne comes back. I definately think
  10. i took 30mg for 7 months (although i weighed around 120lbs at the time). this worked great for me. My acne cleared quickly and i finished the course 2 years ago. at this precise moment I have two small pimples. good luck!
  11. Hmm - my acne was much worse than yours and I had it for a much longer time. None of my GPs ever talked of even sending me to a dermatologist, let alone suggesting that I take accutane. That's just my experience however and different GPs may be different, particularly if you are willing to go privately and pay for it yourself - I very much believe this is what drives them. If you can demonstrate that your acne, whilst mild, is scarring, this may also be a persuasive factor for them. I hear yo
  12. Happy Accutane story here. 7 month 30mg per day around 120 lbs, cleared up in 6 weeks (although took antibiotics at same time) and have pretty much stayed clear, save for the odd small breakout out in the intervening 2 and a half years. No long term side effects either (that I know off). Good luck!
  13. Just wanted so say a few words of encouragement. Accutane was great for me and it was well worth the side effects I experienced. Good luck!
  14. I took accutane just before I turned 33. My acne was also moderate to severe, but much of it was cystic. I had excellent results with Accutane. Some side effects: dry cracked lips that would not heal, dry skin and hair, increased hair shedding but not enough to make a difference to its overall appearance to other people; reduced healing times; some joint pain. All of these stopped within 3 months of finishing my course (which is nearly 2 years ago). I had pretty much cleared up all of my ac
  15. Honestly, I would be surprised if, after a course of Accutane, people never got any pimples ever again for the rest of their life. I am in a similar situation, the odd one here or there, but compared to countless pimples and cysts all over my face every day, for me, I don't consider it to be a problem at all. If you are just getting a few pimples from time to time, how about topical treatments?
  16. No I wouldn't. However, just because that isn't something I would do does not mean that someone else cannot reasonably make that request for themselves.
  17. Actually it does. The original post was about using over the counter products to fight cystic acne as an alternative to accutane. With the greatest respect to Donna, and I congratulate her for any success she has had with this regime and for sharing it, most over the counter products are designed to deal with mild rather than moderate or severe cystic breakouts. Whilst there are many OTC products available, they generally all contain the same basic active ingredients: salicylic acid (or some
  18. I am one of those people who listened to every one that said 'give it time' 'try this diet' 'try this skincare'. All that happened was that I got to the age of 33 with severe cystic acne, some scarring (not too bad thank god) and depression. I finally relented and tried Accutance and for me it was a minor miracle. Clear skin for the first time in 15 years and minor side effects on the course and no long term effects. Its been 2 years since I finished my course and there hasn't been one day wh
  19. I did not mention any particular names. The one piece of research that I have seen which I think is interesting is the study of the Kitavan Islanders - but that is just one bit of research and that related to minimising the intake of processed foods. However, the theories posted here are not limited to just avoiding processed foods (which actually is a bit of a no brainer whether or not you suffer from acne). Most of the theories posted here go way further than that, possibly because people h
  20. That was not my personal experience. I tried a variety of diets/holistic over the space of 2 years. There was no visible improvement in my moderate to severe acne which was beginning to scar no matter how religiously I stuck to any particular regime. There are a couple of possible reasons for this: (1) I never found the right diet for me. But therein lies the problem. For any treatment for any disease to be really effective it must be reasonably practical to follow the regime. Whilst
  21. Hilarious. xquis3t has to be the most ignorant stubborn person I have seen on this forum in years. Just because HIS acne is (supposedly) not caused my diet/portion control, he apparently thinks that every other person's body is also incapable of having this problem. Newsflash bud, perhaps not everyone's body works the same due to different genetics? This is why certain people can eat whatever they want and not get acne due to insulin resistance, yet others cannot. I don't know what your b
  22. This is an important piece of advice. For those people of have tried BP, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, gylcolic acid; antibiotics, bcps, diet etc etc and still failed, Accutane represents a life line. However, there are risks and it doesn't make sense to take those risks until you have tried the other less risky alternatives.
  23. I've been off accutane for nearly 2 years now. Overall I had a very positive experience with it and would definately recommend it to people who suffer from bad acne and who have given other alternative remedies a proper go first. My skin was clear of its moderate to severe within 6 weeks of starting the course (although I was also prescribed a round of antibiotics at the same time). At the time my main side effects were very dry skin and I believe some increased hair shedding (but is diff
  24. xquis3t - good to see some well thought out / well written posts that try to inject some balance into this particular forum!
  25. Hipster - I think there are at least two people on this forum that believe that diet is the ONLY way to cure acne. I know, because I have argued with them on that very point many moons ago. Like I said in my post, I am not saying people should not give it a try. If you find something that works for you its a great way of getting your acne under control. However, I just feel a little sad when I read posts or receive PMs from people still struggling to cure their acne through diet and literall