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  1. I highly reccomend for over the counter - CeraVe. Higher end - Elta MD products. Both have moisturizers SPF with Zinc.
  2. I want to say my derm told me 2 x a day but I always took mine together at night before bed.
  3. I exclusively used CeraVe products for fash wash - I reccomend the Hydrating Cleansing (green) wash. I aslo used CereVe for day cream as it had SPF with zinc - I used Elta MD as well with the added zinc. I was on Asorbica in the summer and needed better protection in sun.
  4. I am 36 and had what anyone would call mild acne. I had it but it wasn't bad and usually covered well with make-up. HOWEVER...I still had it all the way into my adult years and I couldn't take it anymore. My derm is awesome and said who is he to judge how I feel...if I wanted to try it he would support me. So I did. Started in May 2014 and ended in Oct 2014. I've been off it for almost 4 months and I have to say it is one of the best things I've done. I started clearing after the fi
  5. I agree that everyone is diff. I never had a a bad IB at all and my face was clear after month one. But I have or had mild acne. I am in month 3 and plan to complete 5 months. My side effects are dry lips and ocassional soarness...but I work out as well.
  6. I have Anthem BC BS but mine is through my state...no issues at all having insurance cover and my derm gives me a coupon to use so I only pay $10 a month for the pills. And did the insurance really say - people over 25 don't get acne? That is ridiculous!
  7. alex - how is your post helping the OP?
  8. My acne was very mild. Mostly around my jaw/chin. Ocassionally on my cheeks. I stopped breking out after the 1st month. I haven't popped a pimple in over 2 months! It is fabulous. I've even gone to beach with no make up. Even though my acne was mild my derm prescibed me accutane as I'd been batteling with pimple since 12. I am 36 now....there was many times of unhappiness and being embarassed.
  9. Well if your doc prescribed that then you should be fine...your side effects might appear more perhaps since it is a stronger dosage. I am glad mine started me on 40 at first - side effects happened within 2-3 days - dry lips for the most part.
  10. you are starting off on that? I am 5'8" and about 150 lbs - female and my derm put me on 40 mgs daily for the first month. Then 80 mgs daily the second. I started my thirs month and am on 80 mgs again and I believe will continue on it for remainder of time (5 months).
  11. I was clear pretty much after the first month. I just started my 3rd month. first month I was on 40 mg daily and 2nd month 80 mg daily. 3rd month will be 80 mg as well. I didn't really experience IB...very mild but I had mild acne to begin with. Some would prob say I didn't even need to be on it but I've been battling break-outs since 12...I am 36 now.
  12. I started on 40 mg of Absorica mid-May. By mid-June I had cleared up and haven't had a breakout since then. But to be honest I have mild acne but it was persistant. But - just want to say...why would you only want it to work for a short period. Why not do a whole dose and try to get rid of acne for good.
  13. I have Anthem Blue Cross/Bule Shield and they cover it. But to be honest my plan is very good since I work for my state.