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  1. The safety recommended amount of tuna should be 1 can per week
  2. I have heard the same thing quite a few times. I know a lady that has done "it" every sunday for decades. It sounds believable. I mean, there's some good stuff in semen-proteins, live cells, etc. The whole time i have been with my boyfriend, i never thought to actually do it. It doesn't appeal to me. I don't think i could stand having it on my face for that long and smelling it. If I can find more positive info on it then i guess I would give it a shot....pun intended!
  3. I like both sponges and brushes. I like brushes because I have more control over the amount that i am using and how thick i am applying it. I know how much i put on the brush and i don't have so smash the foundation into my skin like i do with a sponge. Sponges are good at absorbing all of the makeup and you end up going through foundations much faster. On the other hand, I like the edges of the wedge sponges to blend in hard-to-reach areas and the areas in between or around breakouts. I te
  4. I can understand it helping in the fact that it makes someone feel better to look better and improve self esteem/confidence. Clinical depression and research is a little bit different than a boost in how you feel about your skin and popularity. Being embarassed about acne and wanting to die are very different from each other. Here are some links that might fill you in a little bit more. FDA Report Accutane Power Advocates Possible Law Suits Accutane is, once again, a POSSIBLE link to psychi
  5. I wonder what would happen if you started taking the other pills again in addition to the broccoli. I have always taken a lot of vitamins, many that would supposedly be good for my skin. About a month ago I ran out of a bunch of them (evening primrose oil, flax seed, milk thistle) and my skin doesn't seem to have an opinion either way. I had acne with and without them. Maybe your body is reacting to NOT having the vitamins you were so used to before? I will definitely buy some broccoli pi
  6. You should research Accutane and depression further. It has been studied and documented that it can POSSIBLY cause severe depression and even suicidal thoughts. It is especially a concern for adolescents who use the drug. I am assuming you are in high school? To the other people who replied telling you to get over it, they do not know what they are talking about. Depression is a normal feeling when you go through a break up, but it can also be a very serious disorder. You can not just "ge