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  1. I used to have mild camedonal acne on face and Acne.org regimen took care of that. Then I was diagnosed with low Testosterotre (T) and treated it with some meds. It caused a rise in Estradiol (E2) too, so I take another medicine to keep both T and E in healthy ranges. The good part is now my face only needs a single daily wash with Acne.org cleanser and that's it - no treatment needed. The bad part is that after fixing my low T (very important for a guy) I began getting shoulder acne. It's m
  2. I agree regarding cleansers and moisturizers, but not the treatment. I actually tried alternative 2.5% BP creams and gel treatments and they simply do not compare. Neutrogena 2.5% cream does absolutely nothing... Dan's stuff actually works! It works for both inflamed acne and it works for non-inflamed clogged pores by drying the skin and allowing peeling to happen.
  3. So far no treatment could help me, but the 2.5% BP treatment from Dan. There are no equivalent products out there and I was just wondering the sale of his products were to end...what the heck would people like me do?
  4. I have pretty thick and moist and good skin on face. However, my arms have this thin, brittle, easily inflamed skin. I do not have much acne, but the slightest pinch of skin makes it red for weeks and skin just seems so darn thin and brittle! What can I do to imrpove that? I already stopped using fabric softeners and I do not use any backpacks or wear anything heavy. What can I do to get rid of that brittleness? Moisturizers do not seem to do much to improve it...
  5. Well, I also think they discountinued it...or will. Its extremely hard to find.
  6. I had back acne at some point and I was rubbing my skin real hard (so it was thin) and when I picked my pimples (not infected, not inflamed pimples) it tore my skin a bit and left red marks, which turned into brown marks after tanning. They do not look like red marks left after some moderate or severe acne. Its perfectly smooth skin with brownish patches. It has been 12 months since I last picked my back and shoulders, but these brown are still visible. They faded, but not by all that much.
  7. I use Eucerin Q10 yellow-color moisturizer. Its not the lotion version, which I cannot find anywhere. Its an amazing moisturizer, but it rolls off the skin if I rub my face. It hydrates amazingly well and I never had one before that could moisturize so fast for such a long time. Are there any alternatives? Or should I st%ick with it? I am on Dan's regimen except I use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (liquid), Dan's 2.5 BP treatment, and Eucerin Q10 moisturizer - killed my acne in 3 days - perfect
  8. I am so excited! I should have tried the Regimen in the first place. I spent SO much time, nerves, and $ on worthless products! I was afraid that low BP will do nothing for clogged pores, but I was wrong. Over the last 7 days my deepest clogged pores started to come out! Like, BP would sort of dry them out and the gunk would turn into flakes. Even the deepest pores I couldn't squeeze myself (around lips) opened up and disappeared! I do not actually have all the Regimen products: 1. Ceta
  9. I have non-inflamed acne, but I wanted to give Dan's regimen a shot and so I started to moisturize as well. It seems that fat deposits slide out of skin with way less effort when they are moisturized. I was wondering...maybe dry skin is what keeps my pores clogged up. Squeezing a a dry pimple makes it red and damages/tears skin. Squeezing a moisturized pimple...well...it comes out by itself almost!
  10. The treatment masks the redness and also makes sure that p.acne bacteria don't die on my skin. I wonder if the regimen will help at all with the type of acne I have.
  11. I want to introduce some Cleocin T lotion (clindamycin) to The Regimen because I just had an acne surgery and the nurse made my face bleed. She picked every darn molecule of my face (I have non-inflamed deeply clogged pores). I think it would be a good idea to use Cleocin T location to while my skin heal. I started with The Regimen yesterday and I am not sure when to apply Cleocin T - before BP or after?
  12. Thanks! I guess I will try the regular regiment first and then add AHA as the last resort. I can't scrub - my skin is sensetive and is easily irritated. If I scrub then my non-inflamed acne becomes inflamed. I might as well go on Retinol treatment as it works better than AHA.
  13. I don't have blackheads, nor do I have any obvious or real whiteheads. I have whiteheads that are skin color and unless you get real close to my face you will not see them at all. From 4 feet away my face is 100% clear, BUT it has a TON, I mean, a TON of clogged pores/semi-whiteheads and I can see them in the mirror and feel them by touch. Could The Regimen help me? Or does it help only those with red/inflamed pimples?
  14. No matter how dry my BP gets on my face - it still bleaches my pillow cases/covers! I just spent $70 on my sheets and now - they are bleached! So...if you are on the Regiment - do you buy special sheets of white color and pillow cases/covers of white color?