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  1. Hi All, i am planning to incorporate some aha in my regime. The 2 product that is readily available is mentioned above. I was wondering which is better? Exfoliac is AHA cleansing gel, however i donot what AHA is used as main constituent. Normaderm had glycolic and salicylic in it but no idea in what percentage. So please lety me which is better?
  2. Hi, Well, this is my fourth month on accutane (sotret) and i am still breaking out. I was also marred with folliculitis in between and was put on heavy dose of antibiotic for 7 days. I could say that the condition with follicilitis is much better right now but pimples seems to have gotten worse. I get this painful bump on face which take eons to go away. My condition was much better before accutane. I am stll hoping that pill would sink in and my problem would settle down, that what even my d
  3. Cider vinegar is same as apple cider vinegar. you could find one in Tesco, Sainburry and Asda.
  4. i am 4 months into accutane and got stung by fungal infection. i guess accutane takes time to work for fungal issues.
  5. If ur skins breaks out one too often then sunscreen would further aggrevate the problem. If you are in US then perhpas you should try neutrogena ultra sheer 30. I have used this in the past and it never broke me out. If you based in UK and i could be of no help. I still canot reason out why the above mentioned suncreen is not available in UK or for that matter in EU.
  6. Hi, If its perspiration them perhaps it must be some fungal or yeast infection, happend to me all the time. Eventually i took the problem to derm and she prescribed me some oral and tropical antibiotic for 5 days. now iam done with it and it seems that it has worked.
  7. Hi, Well i have this painful bump on my chin for the last 2 days. i tried icing it, hot water application but it doesnt seem to come to head. I have been applying neosporin bit with no affect. Mind you i am on accutane and this my 4th month, so i am trying to avoind BP and other drying OTC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Shall i ice it or apply hot water pad on it. cheers
  8. Hi, Well i got a weird situation on hand. I am 4 months into accutane, result is kinda alright but oflate i have been marred with folliculitis (PF) . My derm prescribed me Cefprozil tablets ( 500 mg), 2 in the morning and 2 at night and a cream called mupirocin to be applied on lession, but only for 5 days. I was wondering if anyone ahs underwent such treatment for PF. Additionally, i was wondering if i could nizrol for pf. I know accutane maked skin susceptible to damage but still i belie
  9. http://www.lookgr8.co.uk/index.php?main_pa...;products_id=34 This is what i have using of late. Had only been 3 days so really don't know how my skin would shape. Price is affordable as well...especially for U.K sufferers.
  10. I started using glycolic 15% for hyper pigmentation but on the second day i broke out. On second day i have couple of them on left side of my face and on the third day , the dormant (open comedones) have become active. Does glycolic breaks out initially or what???
  11. Well now i got rid of 50% and acquired 8% concentration but i have no idea how to use it. Shall i use it daily?For how long shall i put that acid on my face?What is the procedure for washing away the acid?Its serum rather than moisturiser with 10% glycolic.
  12. I have 50% with me right now. Can the liquid be diluted to bring down the strength??? I don't wanna shell out extra for 10% strength.
  13. I have black marks on either sideof my face. I know Hydroquinone help with hyper pigentation but it takes freakin long time plus it irritates my skin. I was wondering if i could apply glycolic acid 50% locally i.e. only on the spots. Will it be good ?????
  14. Hi, Well i get open comedones most of the time, and with the passage of time they get inflamed. I have tried baby brush and what not and honestly the condition has subsided a bit. I was wondering what to do to get rid of these. They only come on right cheek and very rarely on left. I have one inflamed one , will aspirin mask works on comedones. Note: I have failed with paula's choice in the past( BHA 2% gel).
  15. I can that it in all the major stores. just look for cider vinegar. I bought mine from Asda.
  16. Is it necessary to put on sunscreen even in shade??? I mean i spend most of the time at home, so i dont put on sunscreen .
  17. To be honest am looking for something that can be bought from store. I was wonderin if come could recommend me Oil free sunscreen , available in UK.
  18. Can anyone recommend me oil free moisturizer with sunscreen. Make sure its available in UK. I have heard of Neutrogena but it isn't available here and buying online won't make sense 'coz i wud end up spending more on the carrier charges than the product itself.