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  1. THANKS ALOTTT!!!! i im a student so i hve to take my p.e classes n i get a lot of sweating!!! N ON MY FACE ALOOOT!!! i even cant rub it with tissiue ....n produst on my face willl be gone cz of the sweatiness what to do during the summer???
  2. After clearing up my skin by using the kit...can i skip the Bp but keep using the moisturizer and the cleanser....or cn i just apply th BP in the moring beacuse i want to use my light moisturizer for night can i ? and after 4 months of the regimen cn i do my facial once a week or once in two week?? please help im confused??? n im scrared if i did somthing wrong my acne wil get more wrost!! n yea i just got acne on my cheecks area so cn i just use the Bp on my cheecks onli instead of allover my