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  1. Has anyone ever been prescribed Levora for their acne or in conjunction with Spiro? I've been on 100mg of Spiro for 2 years and Tri-Sprintec birth control and I have NO sex drive. I told my regular doctor today and she said to maybe mention to my derm. in 2 weeks that I'm having these issues and to maybe try taking the spiro every other day. She doesn't think decreasing the spiro level will work because it still has the same properties, plus I tried 50mg last April and it didn't work and made me
  2. Is the Saw Palmetto helping? I might start taking it with my Spironolactone because it seems to have quit working by itself.
  3. I've been on 100mg of Spiro for 1.5 years and about 4 months ago it seems to have stopped working. I used to get 2-3 nodules on my chin the week before my period so I've been on Spiro and it helped tremendously to the point of not breaking out at all. I'm also on Tri-Sprintec birth control. In September, I started getting 1-2 nodules again on my chin the week before my period. Then again in October, November, and this month. Now I'm even getting them near my nose and eyebrows. It's frustratin
  4. Thanks for the reply! I've been on the 50mg for 9 days so far and haven't had anything major happen with my face. I thought for sure I'd be a mess because last week was the dreaded "week before my period" which is when I used to get huge, painful nodules on my chin. I had a little one last week, but put some cortizone cream on it and it cleared up in no time. If 50mgs works...I'm fine staying on that. I REALLY hope my derm. doesn't keep decreasing it and trying to wean me off of it. She said
  5. I've been taking 100mg of spiro a day for almost a year and I just went to the derm. and she wants me to decrease it to 50mg a day. She said she doesn't want me to be on so much medication. I'm TERRIFIED to lower the dosage. I've been really happy with my skin for the first time in 6 years. I used to get horrible nodules the week before my period. Now I hardly ever break out at all. I was wondering if anyone has has a good or bad result from lowering their dosage of spiro? Thanks!!
  6. Hi! I was wondering if you're still having good results from lowering your dosage from 100mg to 50mg? I'm assuming you're talking about Spiro? I was just at my derm. and she wants to lower my dosage to 50mg as well...and I'm TERRIFIED! I've only been on spiro for a year and she said she wants to try me taking less medications. But all I take is spiro, birth control and thyroid medication!! UGH!! Thanks!!
  7. Hello. I have used Retin-A micro in the past and currently use Ziana, which has retin-A in it. I was wondering if anyone has had good results from simply using an over the counter retinol, rather than spending tons of money on the prescription strength product? Thanks!!
  8. Which pain medication is safer to take when I am taking 100mg of spiro a day? I only need it for cramps. I used to take ibuprofen, but the packet that I got from the pharmacy about spiro said not to take it with NSAIDs. Does anyone know what pain medication I could take? Is Tylenol an NSAID?
  9. Has anyone ever used this over the counter retinol cream? http://www.amazon.com/Nicel-Vitamin-Retino...995&sr=8-10
  10. I found this on amazon and was wondering if anyone has ever used it before. If so, did it work? Thanks!! http://www.amazon.com/Retinol-Cream-Vitami...1416&sr=8-2
  11. This might sound silly...but can you take Ibuprofen for cramps while on Spiro? The information packet thing that comes with it from the pharmacy says you shouldn't take NSAIDs while you are on it, but I wasn't sure if it meant you shouldn't take it long-term, like how some people take one or two everyday for their heart or something. I get fairly bad cramps the first day or two of my period and I wanted to see if I could take ibuprofen and not die! Thanks!
  12. Hello. I had blood work done to check my potassium after using 100mgs of Spiro a day for two weeks. Everything checked out fine. I go back to the derm. this Tuesday and was just curious how often everyone's derm. makes them get blood work to check their potassium? I live in PA...but am moving to MD in August..and I am keeping my health insurance and doctors in PA until I can switch to MD health insurance...but I don't want to have to come back too often for doctor's appts. I was thinking of aski
  13. I started 100 mgs of spiro four weeks ago this coming Thursday. I did not get an initial breakout. The derm. said it would take awhile to see results...and wanted me to take an antibiotic with it...but I am skeptical of antibiotics...so I didn't take it at all...and 2 weeks after starting it...I didn't get any nodules on my chin..and it was the week before my period. I still break out on my cheeks and some on my forehead which is odd because it helped with the huge ones...but I haven't had any n
  14. I started 100mg 3 weeks ago as of Wednesday...and it worked already. I didn't get ANY nodules on my chin the week before my period. My derm. said it would take awhile to work..and it worked soo fast!! I should have broken out last week and I didn't!! I still broke out a little on my chin..but for the first time in 3 years, I had no nodules. I had a blood test last Wednesday to check my potassium levels and they called today and said they are normal!! I'm so excited. I know this isn't a long-term
  15. I totally understand! My cheeks are broken out pretty badly too. My skin was fine using benzaclin and retin-a micro..up until last spring. I had been getting the nodules the week before my period for a long time..but last spring my cheeks starting breaking out...and I'm 24 now...so I guess it's the time when hormonal acne kicks in. I quit using the benzaclin and retin-a micro because they pretty much quit working. I would definitely ask your derm. about spiro..and see what she says. My derm. wa