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  1. For one, 2shyguy is right, a pimple cannot form from something u put on a few hours before.... so its just ur imagination rather than real cause/effect. The itchiness...well u might be allergic to his formula. Either way, I have learned that the diet is the most crucial to success. The topicals and vitamins ONLY have an effect if u commit to the GI diet.
  2. http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/article6.htm Check them on that site (towards the bottom)
  3. It's just a collection of herbs that reduce inflammation and (ever so slightly) improve skin shedding and wound healing. The effects are nill and crap. I have tried it before a while back, they are effectively useless.
  4. I personally use Burt's Bees Tomato Complexion Soap ( http://www1.burtsbees.com/webapp/wcs/store...tegory_rn=10015 ) It is just an awesome soap, works great for me. I havent found it drying at all. You may want to give it a shot.
  5. Um....did you try "gugulipid" into the swansons search? http://www.swansonvitamins.com/webapp/wcs/...yWord=gugulipid Thats the swanson brand, cheapest I can find.
  6. The scientific study done administered 25 mg guggulsterones twice daily for 3 months. This means that 50 guggulsterones were given each day. Now, I have 1000mg capsules gugulipid with 2.5% standardized guggulsterones. This means each tablet of mine has 25 mg of guggulsterones. According to the scientific study, I should take 2 capsules a day. However, you only have 250 mg of guggul. That is a problem for you. In order to follow the study (assuming 2.5% standardization), you will need to take 8
  7. As with any natural supplement, a) Results may vary b ) Results can take up to several months to be significant c) Slow and Steady is the name of the game (Patience is a virtue). Gugulipid is my current supplement of choice for acne.
  8. 250 dollars for 1.7 oz of a "magical" cream that fixes all your skin problems. Wow that almost sounds....like..like.. complete and utter bullshit lol. I don't think anyone would be willing to spend 250 on a 2 oz thing of cream. I might be wrong, but that seems totally ridiculous, and the site doesnt even mention acne.
  9. If you can afford the regimen I origianlly discussed, then patethine isnt needed. I got clear without patethine, B5, or acneva. I got clear following the Perricone Regimen that I described earlier. The reason I wanted to use pantethine was to see if that could keep my acne away and allow me to save money (by letting me slack off on topicals, and diet).
  10. Sad that others on this board have not been able to see the success that I have seen. It is a shame that so many people have to treat acne is so many different ways. What works for me and many that I know clearly does not work for everyone.
  11. This is funny, but my mom just told me today she ordered some "guglipid" to help lower her cholesterol. I checked the label and it has 25mg guggulsterones like acneva does. I checked some other clinical studies and they have had good results. Since she has them, by chance, I figure ill take Pantethine and Guglipid and stop with all my other vitamins. This is a big step and I hope this is a smart decision. OK so for vitamins: 900 mg Pantethine 2000 mg guglipid (50 mg gugulsterones) 100
  12. Judging from the responss from this board so far, I guess you could say that their results are less than optimal. Mine have exceeded expectations. It definately works, but something prevents it from working for everybody apparently. I guess nothing really works for everyone. The new "hit" right now is B5. However, it was not at all good for me and i believe malia had poor experiences with it as well. Why would B5 work so well for some, and so badly for others? I have no idea. Probably the same r