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  1. you can all overcome your fear of car windows... just go out with a mirror, see yourself on car windows, then get out the mirror and look at you reflection... you'll see car windows exagerate imperfections, also dark polarized mirrors do the same thing
  2. hi, i need a little help... as you can see, im a very old user, but english is not my first language so i need some asistance... the needling method for removing acne scars... basically i just have to go to a tattoo parlor and tell the artist to tattoo my face WITHOUT ink?? and thats all?? then require the aftercare treatments as if i had tattoed my face?? please help
  3. hey beachbum! hang on! we've all walked down the same path.. it is rought, but we all can live, scars are superficial, what is on the inside is what matters, i know it sounds cliche, but with time you really come to realize these things... your skin will get better with time, i recommend you use vinegar method if you can't afford anything expensive... it has helped me. beat the pain, win, we are all strong and we can come over this shit.
  4. hi everyone, as you can all see, i'm an old member, i only post occasionally, but i just wanted to say that i seem to have won the battle against acne, as it's been months since my last cyst.... topical medications, and some faith have done the miracle... i just have these scars that have faded somewhat over the course of 3 years with help of vinegar and a cream that has REALLY helped... maybe you people could buy it if you want, it's called Effaclar K from La Roche-Posay.... it really improves
  5. there have been people who killed themselves because of acne, but its really because of the mixed emotions.... there was one poster on this board who commited suicide a while back, i think his username was marcsheep, but dont ever kill yoursleves, no matter what is the reason, or how depressed you could be.. you only live once, so lets make it the better, even when we sometimes feel like theres nothing more to it than this sh*t
  6. im almost sure, that tetracycline only causes that to fetus, while the mother takes tetracyclines, the fetus will have tainted teeth
  7. talk to them about the importance of it, tell them it tears away your self esteem but i recommend you try vinegar treatment if you haven't
  8. accutane makes your skin very flaky, sensitive and thin, i took it about 3 years ago and it was BAD
  9. theres a tv commercial about some genomma lab product that supposedly corrects scars and, i know, you all know that many if not most cream products are useless, but anyways, does anyone know about that cream?
  10. hi, this is an update... ive been on the vinegar treatment since about august nonstop, and i havent seen my derm until about a week ago, and she commented on how my skin had improved a lot, so much that i might not require a "strong" laser... well, a derm commented on my improvement so definitely, the vinegar works... by the way, i didnt tell her i used vinegar, but i will when i get better results or something. also, i just finished my first bottle of apple cider vinegar