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  1. I admit I don't follow The Regimen exactly. I use a mix of jojoba oil and tea tree oil to cleanse. In the morning, I apply BP just like Dan says to- lots of it! At night I cleanse and use the AHA. Yes, I use it every night, all alone. This manages my acne so completely that I've stopped wearing concealer some days. I only need it to cover up old red scars and the occasional reddish clogged pore. Dan's products are high quality and I give them the credit for keeping my skin clear,
  2. I've also wondered this. There's research out there about the possibility that some people have hormones in a normal range but are hyper-sensitive or allergic to their own hormones. http://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=sex+hormones+allergic+sensitivity&btnG=&hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C38 So you may have normal levels of estrogens, androgens, etc, but you could be overly sensitive to them and have a non-normal reaction- i.e. acne.
  3. I feel accepting. I haven't been on here for a long time because with the help of birth control pills, oil cleansing, and the Regimen's BP and AHA, I have accepted that acne is something I'll always have to manage but I can manage it. There are days where I still wish I didn't have to take chemicals to control my hormones or put chemicals on my skin to control oil and clogged pores. But I'm okay with managing it. I don't expect it to be perfect. I'm grateful I found Dan's Regimen and tha
  4. I know this is a pain, but I highly, highly recommend NOT self-prescribing herbal or natural over-the-counter products. Please, find a naturopath doctor in your area or an herbalist and follow their advice. They can do check ups on you and make sure you are not having bad side effects or reactions. Asking people on the internet is fine and can be helpful, but some of the supplements you are considering can give you allergic reactions, dangerous side effects, or interact with other medication
  5. A mix of feelings today. Grateful that things are clearing up on my skin! My back is amazingly clear! My face has no pustules right now, just scars and very minor blackheads/whiteheads. Why this dramatic improvement? Dan's BP and AHA are definitely helping my face. But I have not done anything for my back topically. That change has come about directly because of going back on birth control pills two months ago. So, I'm grateful the BCPs are balancing out my hormones and taking care of th
  6. A. I said I knew you didn't call it a cure. B. I said I knew you were approaching this as very personal. C. I'm not a man. Again, I'm very, very happy for you that you've found something that works for your acne. I am, in general, not finding these sorts of posts of "I'll tell you what to eat/do/think" helpful at all in this community. Here's a question: Why do you think that you are qualified to offer this sort of advice beyond your personal experience? I'd much rather see posts o
  7. I'm very, very happy for you that you've managed to clear your acne and I'm not meaning to go on a rant here, but it really frustrates me that you're presenting this as a "cure" for everyone. First, some foods have been scientifically (not just one person's anecdote) proven to make acne worse. Iodine is one culprit. Dairy is another. Other foods have either not been studied enough or there are conflicting conclusions. Second, correlation does not equal causation. You did not control all
  8. You hit the nail on the head. We simply live in a very appearance-based society. We can't get away from it. I'm a Harry Potter geek. Have you seen the Harry Potter musicals? (Youtube A Very Potter Musical) Hermione has a line at the Yule Ball: "I used to think looks didn't matter, but now I think they matter more than anything!" So true. I do think there's something positive to be gained from accepting ourselves and our acne the way it is in addition to accepting that our society is overl
  9. I'm past 30, Robertitoo! Ha! Males do typically grow out of acne, yes. Women often grow INTO acne.
  10. I would smile more. I'd travel more without fear of a breakout. I could eat whatever I want! Carbs, carbs, carbs...nom nom nom. I would go outside more because I could wear sunscreen without getting underground, painful cysts. I would not be afraid of the winter cold air blowing on my face. If my skin got dry, I'd just use a moisturizer. I might have become an archaeologist or joined some other profession that includes travel and field work outside. I would be more outgoi
  11. leelowe1, same here with yet another pimple appearing on the side of my nose. One below my nose exploded on its own and I helped it along yesterday. I was just feeling better about that, telling myself it will heal up and be gone in a few days. Now there's a new one so the whole thing can start all over. Ugh. It's a really old clogged pore this time that has turned into a small red bump. So maybe this is the last for awhile? That's probably a fool's hope. I'm sure optimism would be help
  12. I do have a problem with picking, but the thing is even when I DON'T pick, I end up with a scar. So I feel like it doesn't even matter. OP and everyone else: It helps to know we're not alone. I don't have any advice. Just hang in there everyone.
  13. I feel frustrated. I have OCD that is mostly all centered on controlling my acne. It also is related to picking. I hate that I burned off a nodule with some apple cider vinegar on my chin this weekend. It is a scab now. It's gross. Also hate that I popped a large pustule right between my nose and upper lip. It's oozing now and yet still inflamed. I know not to. Please, no one tell me not to. I have OCD. That is like telling an addict to just not drink. It's not that easy. I am grateful t
  14. GetmetheResults, I use jojoba and tea tree oil mixed, about 2/3 jojoba to 1/3 tea tree. I just feel like I need the antibacterial/antifungal effectiveness of the tea tree oil in there. I think it's partially a paranoia though. I've been using the oil cleansing method (OCM) since about January with jojoba and tea tree. I have not had a break out from these oils, just my normal hormonal breakouts. I switched to Cetaphil for a few days last week and did not like the way it felt at all, so I
  15. I'm with you, Janineebee. This is only week 2 for me using Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (the acne.org cleanser sounded way too stripping), dkr's BP, and dkr's moisturizer. I feel like I may have made a huge mistake. I was getting small pustules and lots of whiteheads before. Now I have three large papules/nodules like I have not seen in years. I don't know if I've wrecked my skin now or if I should stay with it. I don't really buy into the idea of "purging" and I am skeptical that BP wou