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  1. Hey I have acne too but something that helps me keep my flare up down is diaper rash cream and calamine lotion both are not expensive and you can find d them at almost any store.I know it sounds like a joke but I'm serious and if it doesn't work then I would consider accutane if u have questions feel free to ask
  2. I use the classic head and shoulders that comes in the white bottle IRS called classic clean and the main ingredient is pyrithione zinc. Head and shoulders is considered my cleanser and I exfoliate with organic sugar twice a week but be very gentle because if your to harsh with the scrubbing you could aggravate your condition. The calamine lotion can be used as a mask or a spot treatment and its very effective your pimple can be gone over night or in a couple of days but it wont take more than a
  3. My skin type is combination sometimes a bit on the dry side so I thought I could never have PF since PF only likes moist skin but like I was so desperate I decided there was nothing to loss.I only wash my face at night with head and shoulders because when I used it twice a day it would make my skin extremely dry which then left some dry patch around my mouth.i saw results in about a week. But what cleared my acne in a few days was the calamine lotion which is very cheap and you can buy it at an
  4. It might be pityrosporum folliculitis. Try washing your face with head and shoulders shampoo and applying calamine lotion at night.
  5. It might be pityrosporum folliculitis. I had that on my forehead for a long time. I tried a lot of acne medication but they only aggravated it. Now I just wash my face with head and shoulders and then apply calamine lotion at night. Its made such a improvement on my skin.
  6. Thanks for all the advice I'm still drinking lemon water which has helped a ton.I drink about two tablespoons of acv in one water bottle a day.also I'm going to start putting on a potato mask every night for two months to see if I can get rid of theses hyperpigmentions.I'll try to update almost every day . : )
  7. Well I stopped putting acv on my face but I'm still drinking it my faces looks like it has a bit of glow my pimples look less angry too lol but I'm going to be applying one potato mask a night for two months and see the results : )
  8. Hey so I posted my first topic on lemon and the the effect it has topically.(just to warn you lemon will damage your skin if used topically) but I also started drinking lemon water which help a lot.but now I'm going two eat to cloves not bulbs of garlic a day, drink to tablespoons of acv diluted in water for two weeks and also only apply acv on my skin for two weeks and see if I have any result.I'll try to update almost everyday and let you guys know if it clears my acne or just makes it worse.B
  9. Update I stopped putting lemon on myface it seemed to irritate my skin which broke it out even more but I'm still drinking lemon water.I'm also using caladryl (calamine)has a spot butits eextremely drying so I use it twice a week and I don't recommend using this as a mask
  10. We I try to stay away from carbohydrates and I dont do much exercise since I'm fit I did start drinking one carrot juice a day which I heard can cure your acne in about two weeks I try not to consume a lot of sugar. As for the lemon I noticed that some of my acne scars are less noticeable so some of my little whitehead(under the skin bumps) are starting to go away on my forehead .oh and I also started to have better oral hygiene.BTW I'm a teen so I'm not doing it for adult acne.
  11. Hi I'm new to this website but I want to preform a study.I'm going to be drink lemon water and applying lemon juice (undiluted) on my face.to see if my acne goes away.I have acne on my forehead and left cheek (surprisingly I don't have acne on my right cheek).I'll keep you guys updated
  12. Ok people are going to tell you to elimate all sugar from your diet asap but I myself found it very hard to let go of sugar.I found that I could go three days without sugar and then on the fourth day eat all the sugar I could get my hands on lol the point is cutting sugar out of your diet isn't something that can be accomplished over night...just try to cut it out slowly and it would take time for results but you just have to stay strong