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  1. Hey thanks for the post guys. Poppy looks like it went really well! Some days are better than others with these things. What type of surgery did you go through, subcision? Did a determotolgist perform it out a plastic surgeon? I only ask, because right now I live in PA and i'm trying to do research on finding a good doctor. If I'm going to shell out the money I want to find a doctor who's respected and knows what he or she is doing. Unfortunately, I"m not finding much info.
  2. mindgame1

    Acne Scars

    Anyone know of a treatment that could be effective in helping these scars?
  3. Hello all, I'm recently 30 and have learned to deal with my scaring and just accept it for what it is. I do go through periods where it really bothers me as it's pretty bad. My right side of the face is clear, but my left as you can see in the pictures is absolutely horrid. I finally want to do something about this or at least try to, but I'm not sure where to start. I've read most treatments are not very effective for sever scaring such as mine. I've also read that some treatments are mo