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  1. I would carry on this discussion however at the end of the day you decide to belive that there is some sort of giant entity / god / human floating over us in the sky... thats bascially what it is right? religion? god?, you think that yet you cant accept that evolution is possible.
  2. No.. not ugly. But pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease loose that grey shirt... no matter what anyone ever says GREY is never stylish. Also try doing something really "radical" with your hair, i decided to go blonde... well highlights that kind of went OTT! Lol! dam stylists.. slightly ligher she said.... yeah slightly lighter that the sun.
  3. Pfff! what is it about people and religion, you shouldnt be asking for "god" to cure your acne, instead you should be asking if he does exist why did he give it you in the first place! RELIGION = CRAP / SCIENCE IS THE ONE TRUE CONSTANT. Everything in the world can be explained through science. Religion is just rumors passed on from generation to generation, it cant even explain why the world exists in the first place.
  4. Lol you need a $200 light meter to tell you the lights are on or off... what school do you go to lol!
  5. Age: 21 Sex: Male School/College/Job: IT sales/online retail, Company in Manchester City Centre (UK) Acne status: Ocassional breakout, redmarks (Finished tane about 3 months ago) Favorite thing about yourself: No fear towards anything (once you've hit the bottom the only way is up). What would you change about yourself (other than acne): Get a decent hair style or find one that suits Favorite movie: Saving private ryan / collateral (cant decide) Favorite book: Tom Clancy's - Net Force W
  6. OMG i so do that on the bus... if i feel my left side is bad today i sit on the left side of the bus so the light from the window makes it look a little bit better lol! and visa versa. As far as funny looks go i usually walk around with my sleves rolled up! now your all thinking "well why do you do that?" well ill tell you lol! i look kinda like a shy, young, innocent lad however lets just say i kinda have a few tattoos, i think people are like "wow, did you see that guys tattoo" and they kin
  7. Thats some cool hair right there, how in the hell do you get it to stick up like that? straightners? gel? spray? no matter what i do my hair always goes its own way! lol
  8. So now i know who's outside my house in that bush with the binoculars and coffee flask Lol, what part you from? im in Didsbury....
  9. Im just wondering if anybody else feels that their parents dont really understand how acne can effect their childs life, i think mine just assumed it was a thing that happend to everyone in their teens, and that over time it would fade away. At what point do you think a parent would understand that acne (for a kid growing up in todays modern society) is a very big issue and can lead to other problems. Do anyone on here talk to their parents about acne? Regards
  10. Taken about 10 mins ago... Dont you just hate when people pose for the camera! lol Oh and FYI im having a haircut on Saturday!
  11. Quite a few time's, usually on the bus.... for that split second you both know what each other are thinking.
  12. Are they two different things? or would it be classed as the same thing? i mean if your cute are you not attractive? Any ideas? P.S. The reason for me wanting to know is a long story. Ready 2 Quit
  13. I like being noticed, just not because of acne, however if i didnt have acne i would be noticed. At least i know when all the people i see daily get home they'll probably say to someone they know " i saw this lad today waiting for the bus he was covered in tattoos, kinda cute, tall... had a bit of acne...etc hope i see him again tomorrow". Who know's maybe tomorrow someone will say hello! Can but hope.....