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  1. My acne Scars are caused by me picking at them all the time and now i'm left with scars that have turned a blue/black/purple colour. I'm not really too bothered about them because they are on my legs and i never show my legs. I was just wondering if there was any way to get rid of them?? thank you
  2. I was thinking of having this surgery done for my scars! :-k I was wondering if anyone had heard of it and if they knew how much it costs (in the UK)??? I think my scars are too deep on my back tho and i'm abit worried about having it done on my chest 8-[ ! but its worth looking into :-k ! I appreciate any advice and comments!! Thanx!! xx
  3. hmmm, i'm not sure! :-k i should be seeing my skin specialist soon! i'll ask him for some perscription stuff(its free ), he only ever gives me antibiotics though! If i only get antibiotics, i might give the herbal cream thing ago ! its only £7, so its worth trying! i'll never know if i dont try! If it works, thats great / , but if it doesn't work then bugger ](*,) ! but least i'll know! I'll let you guys know how it goes and maybe start a thread whilst using it! Aminah
  4. i went into Dr and Herbs yesterday to ask about job vacancies and i ended up talking to the nice lady about my acne and scaring! she suggested that i use this cream and some herbal tablet things that will clean the blood and work from the inside! i was wondering whether anyone has ever tried this option and if it works? the cream that she was offering for the scars cost about £7 and lasts up to 3 weeks! cant remember how much there was exactly! so, what do you think! shall i give
  5. thanx miya! i really appreciate your advice!
  6. well i hope it works for me! i'm a bit worried about people messing around with my mind and the way i think but i guess they're just going to try help me change my negative thinking patterns! thanx! aminah:)
  7. anyone heard of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)? its a process that chamges the way you think about stuff! i might be taking some sessions to improve my life and it could help with the perfectionist thing and the picking! hope everyone is doing ok! aminah
  8. it just one of those mysteries of life i guess! it sure sux!
  9. aaaaaaaaaaaaah! i dont know if i'm reading to much into this, but i will definately mention this to my skin specialist and to another person who is helping me with other crapy stuff! i don't know why, but i feel a sense of reassurance knowing about CSP! i always thought that there must be a reason for why i do this! why i continue to destroy myself and then moan about what i have done and then continue doing it! i think that sometimes maybe i am not normal! i can specially relate to the bi
  10. Erm, wow! i can totally relate! i hate to admit it put i think my scaring is caused by my constant picking and everything else that maya descirbed! i sometimes think that i might need help to overcome the picking as sometimes i dont know why i'm doing it and dont realise i do it! its like an addiction! i have a lot of body issues and turning to picking my acne makes me feel relaxed and in control! wierd i know! Leopolda, thank you so much for sharing! i would have never even thought of someth
  11. hi all, i have darkish skin! i am of asian origin (pakistani) and i get dark coloured pigmenation/scars where i get acne, on my shoulders, back, upper arms, chest and collar bone! i get them on my face too, but they seem to fade away (or i have had so such that they migth have blended together to create a new shade, lol)! i think its because the skin on the other areas of the body where i get scars is thicker or deeper or something like that! anyway, i wanted to start on a lightening agent th
  12. BUGGER! do you mean this thread: mandelic acid used in conjunction with Benzoyl peroxide? because there are 108 pages of scar teatments and honestly my mind will go bleh if i have to look through them all! i thought that the Elicina stuff was going to work! bugger, bugger, bugger!
  13. thanx mate! i'll take note of your products! sorry to ask, but who is maya? how long have you been using your products and have you seen any difference! (or is it early days yet) thanx again!