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  1. hey man...i recently tried to switch from dans BP from Proactiv...dans stuff didnt work for me at all...if the PROactiv is working, id say stick to it...as for the results, its all bp so if proactivs temporary, dans bp will be temporary too
  2. those tiny little bumps have now turned into full blown pimples ppl! i wouldnt recommend this regime for long term...i dont think its worth it...be happy with your red marks, at this point i would do anything to go back to before i ever started doing this regime! seriously ppl
  3. hey char char! i can see that the accutane is working for you...CONGRATULATIONS! ive been given the same amount of accutane that you are currently on...except my doctor told me to take in all at once in teh morn...and im concerned since many ppl on this site seem to be taking two separate dosages, one in teh am and one in the pm typically. i was just wondering did your doctor give you any specific reasons for taking teh pills separately? thanks man and congrats again.
  4. hey just wondering i was prescribed 60mg of accutane daily for my acne...Im supposed to take it once a day, but ive seen a lot of others on here where the dosage is split into two doses one in the am then again in teh pm....is it okay for me to take 60mg all at once?
  5. I took the blood test the same day my derm prescribed me accutane. He said I could start asap because he knows that I am a healthy 20 year old patient. Then he called me two days later for the official ok to start. To be honest it really depends on your derm. I know most derms wait for the blood test than they prescribe it. Good Luck!!! thanks a lot for the reply, it was very helpful
  6. hey dan...im a 20 yr old male that is about to go ask my derm/doc for accutane and i have a question...did you recieve teh prescription and start the medication the same day you saw your doc or did you have to wait to get blood tests and such? i want to start asap so i was just wondering...
  7. well thats good to hear, thanks for the reply.
  8. hi im just wondering...i live in Canada and have moderate acne...its gotten really bad in the past month. anyways i was wondering, if i go to the derm and ask for accutane and he decides to give it to me, will he just wirte me up a prescription? or will i have to wait a really long time?? as a side note, i live in Canada so i dont think i need to go thru that iPledge program liek in the states. but i might be wrong...thanks in advance for the replies...
  9. i know dans CSR doesnt include using a toner after a cleanser, but many derms suggest doing so in order to balance out pH level on skin....is anyone else using a toner after cleansing??? THNAKS
  10. burns like pkiller said, and thats probably because the strength of that vinegar acid or whatever is quite strong. i dont think theyre burns...bc theyre not inflamed or anything. and i only get these bumps where i shave. so i think that might have somthing to do with it too. what do you think?
  11. Ive been doing this regime for months now...at first it really helped, however a couple weeks ago ive noticed that i started getting little flesh colored bumps all over my cheeks. not inflammed or anything, but still they are there. i must have like 100 of them! im definitely thinking it has somehting to do with this regime cause ive NEVER had these before! i think the baking soda is clogging my pores causing the bumps (closed comedones) ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET RID OF THESE!?! or has had this pro
  12. HELLO all. i was just wondering about mixing meds and what effects it might have... currently i wash my face with clean and clear cleanser which is 2.5% salacyic acid. then i exfoiliate with a baking soda and water paste. and tone with Apple cider vinegar, which is left on for ten minutes and rinsed off. i then apply proactiv BP and moisturize. that is in the mornings. At night i wash my face with proactiv's face wash and then use the toner. then apply BP. i sometimes put Tea tree oil over open