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  1. 3 months in

    Well, heres my last update cause im pretty again!!! :dance: my ac is 95% clear aannddd im just finishing my third and last pack of accutane. Little redness but time and moisturizing will clear it I hear. Here are my last updated pics 3.5 months (14 weeks in). If you see my past pics huge improvements, minimal side effects, in the end tane was very worth it.

    Take Care everyone, thankyou all for your support, this is most def. the best acne board on the net

    The Texas Kid










  2. DAY 47

    Heya all, well day 47 is here, havent updated in a while because my skin is doing GREAT, in first set of pics my skin looks pretty good 80% clear, couple blemishes thats it, and in latter pics, small breakouts on each side of my lips and one on my left cheek :shhh: , skin is lookin a tad oily due to myself not moisturising (gettin lazy, letting tane do its own thing)

    side effects: major dry lips few times a week (usually in morning), increased sweating whenever I am working out or at work (labour job) its gross, like sweat dripping off my face when I am not working that hard :shifty: and diarrhea latley :whistle:

    also, I recevied a half penny size cut to my arm and neck, I put a bandaid over both of them, 2 days later i checked out the cuts and they looked 5x worse, 1 to 2 layers of my skin were gone and peeling and they grew to dollar size open minor wounds and scabbing up, I had to goto walk-in clinict o make sure they were o.k, where the doc told me its a minor infectionto to both areas, gave me antibiotics and healing cream, point of story treat cuts very carefully cause iam fairly certain that because of being on tane the cuts w/o treatment (of skin cream or steril) worsened! my skin is sooo fragile now any open cut will take a while to heal as i can see.

    anyways, for the smaller pimples that break out I am trying Polysporin, to see if they heal faster than tazorac and b.p (what i usually use if i get tiny breakout)

    Furthermore, tane has been very good to me w/ minimal side effects, ummm ill post new pics by the end of the week, when i am clean shaven :D so I can show how tane has done an amazing job on my face

    Thats all for now









  3. question: how have you been able to handle drinking while on the tane???? i just started taking it yesterday and can't stand to think about giving up beer for six months!!!!! i mean i realize that i should probably cut out the almost daily happy hours but would like to still to party at least ONE weekend night.....

    hey jbern, well, I drink alot on weekends, so just fri's & sat's, (i drink alot on those nights) and its only effects on me is dry skin the next day, no new blemishes, and being thirsty for lots of water :surprised: , (p.s Im drinking hard liquor not beer)

  4. UPDATE DAY 29

    Whats shakin all, long time no update

    Sooo my skin is doing MUCH better these days instead of a month ago, the IB was brutal for me, oil production has significantly reduced on my face, i would say i'am 75% clearer :) , I still get a few small blemishes here and there thats it.

    My skin looks its best in the morning cause its dry but not flaky, and after a night of heavy drinking (yes, getting shitfaceted) my skin will still look decent, honestly, I believe its from the alchohol, just dries my right up. I should be drinking water MUCH more tho, it does help in my opinion

    side effects: DRY lips! (medicated lip balm, fixes this np), mood swings, fatigue at times, laziness hah! :doh:

    but umm other than that check out the before and after pics 30 days apart, this stuff is acutally working!!! :clap: , btw I also refuse to tell ppl that iam being medicated on tane, I am dying to hear someone casually say wow Teej your skin looks really great these days... :dance: ...i await this momet...







  5. whats up, iam in the EXACT same boat as you, mild acne, tried alotta things, oily skin

    im on day 20 here and I can say that after reading ppl that started out on tane, that (myself in cluded) 3/4 ppl WILL GET the IB, cause your skin is cleansing itself, but day 19 and my skin is looking MUCH better

  6. DAY 19

    Well well, my initial breackout has finally vanished and my skin is looking better slowly, Iam beginning to get the "red marks", I shaved yesterday and I swear shaving my facial skin itself is like a minor exfoliation (shaving off dead skin etc.) and I woke up this morning after hard nite of drinking and my skin was a little dry thats it! I was inpressed becuase usually I wake up and i am super dry and flaky all over face.

    Side Effects: tired at times, minor dry lips, sore back that is it! :D

    whats best stuff to use to help red marks dissapear?






  7. DAY 11

    Well, were on day 11, I can definitley say facial skin got the notorius "IB" (initial breakout) which sucks! cause my face looks worse now than when I began the treatment, into day 5 to now I've been getting new bumps and pimples eeww, so whenever I leave the house I wear a hat :wall: . My facial skin is about 25% less oily, when I take a shower in the morning ill use cetahil facial scrub and neutrogena gentle facial cleanser, when i hop out of the water my skin gets very dry and i will apply aloe vera gel or cetahil moisturiser (still experimenting which one is better)

    As for side effects I've definitley received chapped lips (bought berry chapstick) and corner of my mouth usually gets dry. I feel lower back pain occasionally and sometimes get mood swings. Also, I'll get a runny nose a couple times a day but I wont get a cold :think:

    I exercised today, (ran 2 miles and worked out arms) so we'll see if im unusually sore tommorow :eh:

    thats all for now


  8. hey jen,

    im on day 7, ive been getting flaking facial skin too, every time i hop out of the shower my skin always starts flaking around my mouth :mad: than for next 2 hrs i have to keep re-applying moisturiser (cetahil or neutorgena still experimenting which is better) and the dry lips thing is kickin in too, had to goto the store and buy some berry chapstick :shhh:

    gl with progress, ttyl


  9. DAY 5


    whats up, well into day 5 and I can definitley tell that I have received the "initial worse breakout", it sucks :( I couldnt even go out and get wasted 2nite cause I was conscious about my face...damn it!

    but other than that, I have been sleeping in annd feeling tired alot latley, thats all



    [attachmentid=4365] DAY 5



  10. Thankyou all for your support

    Just a side note...my doctor told me of the potential side effects and how expensive the treatment is.

    I understand I have mild to moderate acne but I have tried BP and the creams and the antibiotics and nothing has solved my problem.

    So to be quite honest with you, I probably would have paid double for the treatment because I am one, confident that I will have great looking skin in under two months, and second to have the paranoia dissapear of thinking whether or not ppl are looking at me or my skin AND to have beautiful HEALTHY looking skin at the end, makes all this worth it.

    T J

  11. Why are you taking accutane, your acne doesnt look that bad. Did you talk to your doctor about the side-effects?

    why am I??? are you kidding me??? I have mild to moderate acne, always had it since I was 15 nor B.P or anti-biotics assists me in ridding of it. Yes my doc has told me the side-effects and to me there worth it, small price to pay for beautiful, HEALTHY looking skin without having the paranoia of thinking in the back of my mind are ppl looking at me or my acne


  12. Whats up, my name is TJ I am 21 and I have had mild to moderate acne since I was 12, I've tried a lot of antibiotics and topical creams (B5, tetrocycline, minoclycline, scrubs, proactiv, murad) with little or short term effectivness, so today I decided to visit derm and try accutane since I have had friends on it and it has worked great for them. I've slipped into depression once in my life because of the way i felt about my skin and life is too short to not look good :D . So I'm gonna fix this, let the pill popping begin.

    Day one April-24-06.

    So anyways, I'm excited, stoked, and I wanna beat this once and for all, I refuse to allow the way I look to make up someones mind about me, I feel like I've had missed oppurtunities and chances with variable events in my life, but no more. I want to finally crush this facial displeasure, this is the log of the Texas Kid, I'll be attaching new pics every week.


    T J