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  1. Sorry Hellzangel, I was in a jerk mood : /, I havent heard of that doctor though. and No King Ziggy, I have yet to find anyone. Im still looking for a doctor that lives closer to me that is very good at performing subcision I think thats what I want and im even apprehensive for that just cause Im scared. most of my scars are boxcars though so I think i could benefit from it
  2. ylem, youve had silicone microdroplet? how did it work for you?
  3. They have to be around! We have 3 major cities within 30 minutes of eachother, anyone know of any? thanks
  4. I definately got "telogen effivium"(sp?) post accutane or around the 4th month of accutane, and I stressed hardcore about it. it really plagued me worrying about my hair. but Ive focused on not tihnking about it and I notice small short hairs popping up so I know its getting better and my hair follicles are reactivating and will reactivate again, you just have to be patient and wait. and the thing is, it gets worse before it gets better. but remember. it will get better!
  5. It depends on the practice and where you live, derms are in high demand, I live in annapolis, md and its a 2month wait anywhere if youre not a regular patient
  6. thank you ylem, you visited with either of them?
  7. Has anyone had it?, Anyone know any doctors in the area who perform it and are skilled at it?
  8. Yes, you can get it done at any doctors office, just ask for a food allergy blood test to see if you are allergic to any certain types of foods. My derm was slow to do it though, but dont let them talk you out of it! and yes health insurance does cover it, and I have no idea what it costs without health insurance but I would guess a couple hundred bucks -Rich Edit: I thought it was the dairy too! because I used to eat a ton of cereal but it really probably just the wheat and corn starch/syrup
  9. I told my derm to do a food allergy blood test on me because I was thinking something had to up, Im 20 yrs old, workout 5 days a week, dont eat any fried,greasy or sugary foods, and I have all these skin problems! and anyhow, It came back that I have an allergy to wheat, corn and soy which are huge intermediate goods! that I consume a lot of, anyhow was just throwing out some advice that if you havent had a food allergy test yet, you should get one! -Rich
  10. this stuffs for real! my scars were gone 3 hours after application!