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  1. I totally agree with what your are saying and probably the best option for my acne will be accutane. I will do my blood test tomorrow and then wait for the results. I think it can take like a month to have the results and the prescription, I live in Canada so the good news is that Accutane is free here. What do you mean by "i seriously doudt accutane will change your chances?" Like I know when im gonna be around 35 years old, I will probably start to lose some hair like my father, but now im 2
  2. yes it definitely affect my quality of life on a daily base. The ONLY hope I have with Differin, is that I read a couple time that retinoid cream can take 6 months to a full year before you can see the full results. Im not sure if its true but I know that its kind of rare to find some people that took differin for more than 1 year....... hmmm still thinking...... Im very scared about the hair loss for accutane because my father is kind of bald but only start to really lost his hair around 35 yea
  3. hi, im 24 years old male, try a lot of diffirent things for my acne like Dan's regiment, salicylic acid, Benzoyl Peroxide 5%, water only cavemen regiment (the worst of all lol), etc. I always had mild to moderate acne problem since im in a adult years (the acne really kick out when I was around 21). I dont think mine is hormonal, I believe is more a mixed of irritation, oily skin, stress, and most of all some bad products that left my face strip of is protection My current regiment for the
  4. I have the bad news to annonce that I stop the caveman regimen on day 42. It just didn't work for me. I think that I may have dry my skin to much with water because every time I splash my face or wash it with a wet cloth, it lead me to break out. my forehead that was clean also break out. I won't lie to you but I end up with pretty bad skin, worse then before, but less red marks. Now I will go back to a gentle cleanser and a gentle moisturizer, I have to found a good exfoliation too, but i will
  5. Day 30: I did a light and gentle exfoliation with my fingers in the shower on day 24 and it really help with the clog pore. I think the dead skin mask didn't let my skin breath and thats why I end up whit a tons of clogged pore. Right now, the clog pore are no longer a issue, there are almost all gone, Almost. But it kinda left me with a little breakout on both of my cheeks, not big red pimples or anyting really bad, but I have somes new red marks that wasnt there before. Maybe is the past
  6. @alternativista Can you help me with your personal advice? when i say tons of Whitehead, I talk much about clog pore. Before the caveman regimen, I was using bha daily and before that, was using aha daily, so now my skin have tons of clog pore but what can I do about it? I dont want to use some products back. I went to the drug store today to buy me some omega3 oïl fish supplement, so I will take it daily. I notice that my skin feel dry too. Please anyone had that same result?
  7. Day 20: I dont have good news right now, I have alot more of tiny Whitehead. I saw that my forhead is getting clear, but my cheeks are getting tons of little Whitehead and a couple of tiny red pimples. All the others area are getting more clear but my cheeks got worse on the last week. Maybe is still a purging phase since i didnt really had a purge on those area the first 10 days. Its a hard week for me. if someone had the same experiment with the caveman regimen, plz help me. Thx alot.
  8. Day 11: so right now im very sick because of the winter so I look like shit lol, but my scar (red marks) look like they fading.... well more then when i was using the bha or the aha. So thats a good news. For the rest, it is still the same. I got much more witheheads but i was expecting that. I begin to see some deadskins but not alot and nothing to worrry about. I cant say for now if is going to work or not, but I didnt have bad breakout, the oilyness is less then before and my red mark
  9. @teenacnebodybuilding yeah I know man, thats why Im trying this regimen, hope it will works... whats yours? Day 7: Well right now I have mix feeling about this, I have more whiteheads but you have to be close to see them, I still have some pimples but no one that is big or paintfull red. I know it take some times to see good results so I will be patient. On the positive side, my skin is not really oily anymore, and I've always had oily skin in the last 2 years lol. I will update at day
  10. Day 4: Last night I had a game of hockey so when I took my shower I splash my face for like 10 sec... it was the first time something touch my face in 3 days. After the shower my face didn't feel dry or tight, so I think im gonna splash water in shower every 2-3 days. Right now my face is still less oily and the two new pimples on my chin are already Healing a little bit. I notice that i start to have some little Whitehead on my forehead but you gotta be real close to me to see them so n
  11. Day 3: my face is less oily today, still really nothing new, got 2 new pimples on my chin but they were probably already suppose to pop before I start this...
  12. Because before i was 20, I didnt have problem with my skin and I was just putting water on it in the shower... I feel that all these product can be the problem for some people. Alot of people had success with the caveman regiment and I feel like its the last solution for me. Day 2: My face is still very oily, one of the bump on my chin that I had for the last 3 week start to pop out... thats kinda of a good news I guess. But beside that, nothing very new.
  13. I just begin the caveman regiment and I will post my positive and negative feedback during this 2 month trial. Im 23 years old, male. live in canada. Please note that****: I never really had acne problem BEFORE other than the occasional pimple here and there. I had bad breakout when i was 20 and my sister buy me some cleaser, moisturizer, treatment for oily skin etc etc etc... I saw a little improvement first but now here I am, on the web site, I just completed 100 days (3 months and a
  14. Hi, I am on the regiment, its been 11 weeks now and im starting to be clear with no new acne. I notice like 2 weeks earlier that I begin to have some little clog pore around the mouth area only. Like Under the skin that I only can see when I strecht my skin. Is this normal and what I can do to help it? Put more bp? or more AHA+? or more moisturizer? Thanks alot.
  15. thanks!! I hope it will help me