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  1. Have you tried DIM (amazon) it's a herbal supplement for regulating hormones and it's worked for a lot of friends on mine who have hormonal acne. My own acne is rosacea so if you've any tips for that let me know! Here's a video I made on 5 natural treatments for acne, hope you like it : http://youtu.be/4PERl_ohJFw
  2. I know this sounds bizarre but I actually got rid of alot my oily skin and about 80% of my acne using an oil called jojoba oil. Has anyone else had any success with jojoba? First I was put off by the thought of putting oil on my 'oil-slick' face but then I read this article: http:www.acneclearforever.com/natural-acne-treatment I changed my mind and now I use Jojoba every day. I don't cleanse as much any more and that's helping too.
  3. I would love to know what kind of fish oil you use. I've heard that fermented cod liver oil is really good for acne but it's flipping expensive ($60-80 for 5 weeks supply) I use oil for my oily skin....jojoba