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  1. Have you used this acne.org regimen, if so for how long. I believe if you use it the proper way it should help you maintain a clear face. you only mentioned 2 red bumps, if that's all you have to deal with I think you will be ok
  2. Hey everyone, Up until now I have been using the regimen which has cleared my skin quite well. Although it was clear it was really dry and flaky because the moisturizer I had bought a lot of (Nivea Soft) had started making my skin red so I stopped using it. Back to the point at hand. This week my skin took a turn for the worst, I broke out everywhere except for my forehead almost as bad as when I began. The strange part is nothing had really changed in my life for this to happen..but then I reme
  3. I just got my first acne.org regimen kit in today, Instead of getting the moisturizer with it I got AHA-6 because I have a moisturizer I bought elsewhere. How do I work it in with the regimen? Thanks